Sunday, January 14, 2007

Music Lessons!!

"tonight i celebrate my love 4 u..."
Right now i am listening to this beautiful song by Peabo Bryson &Roberta Flack.. Somehow music always does wonders to me...The worst of my mood swings gets switched in a jiffy.. Over the years i have discovered that its the best tonic i can get in any situation... I regret the times i didn’t keep ipods or Cd players handy with me.. That was until the recent past..
As we have this small chit chat lemme tell u one thing which came as a huge surprise!!! After many months after our engagement last march I made a scintillating discovery about my fiance. That was when I heard him sing.. my joy knew no bounds cos believe me it was awesome!!! I was soo happy that all that he had told me that his songs cud be compared to a donkey's bray was a lie!! he he
He is toooo gud with vocal other than his skills with the violin. N violin,again I love like crazy…(Though I cudn't resume my violin lessons for long)
N this weekend he played me “piyu bole” from the famous hindi movie “parineeta” on the piano.. N i had my first piano lessons from him. Any one who has seen the movie can feel the magic it created.. the feeling of living the “parineeta” it was panorama tic.. I don’t know It looks inexplicable to me.. i cant find words to describe the feeling..
But dear friends suni n lisha, all the overwhelming moments we had during those parineeta days were re-lived by me... :)


Ps said...

Parineeta, esp "piyu bole" has remained on of my favourites too.In fact for a long time I had it as a "hello tune" on my phone--meaning anyone who called me could listen to "piyu bole" instead of the boring "tring tring"
Music does stir undescribable emotions.No wonder so many people send songs to each other, to describe what they feel.

Shijaz Abdulla said...

Hi, nice blogwork!! Didn't realize you were here too.. Anyways its good to see you share

Mine's all-techie..

diyadear said...

hey ps,

u are just like a friend of mine who was a crazy fan of the movie :)

Thanks a lot for droppin in.. will visit ur page soon :)


Anonymous said...

very cute.... and romantic too...
y dont u sart violin classes too?

Bob-kat said...

I know exactly what you mean about music being able to change your - it cna be so calming or uplifting and can transport us to a happier place :-)

I have also found it can affect my driving!!

diyadear said...

dear anonymous reader,

thanks a lot.. will try to resume my violin lessons soon too :)

very true..i too like music when ur driving!!

ushaaa said...

hope we will get a piyano concert in future from u

diyadear said...

thanks a lot for commenting mom.. will surely plan a concert at home 4 u :)

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