Friday, January 19, 2007


Orkut- the happening network!! A fabulous virtual joint where u can meet allll ur friends!!!

n i must say i am a die hard fan, an addict... Ever since i joined the network in june 05, i havent been able to resist loggin into it every single day once or twice or sumtimes logged in the whole day!! To give u a picture of my passion, even on the eve of my wedding i was orkutting away to glory n my friends have asked me if I'm planning to take it even to the altar!!!

What more should i say about it.. Those of you who don't know wat it is plz log on to I take this opportunity to thank the very gr8 man Mr orkut who is said to have invented this whole network... i (n like me many peers) have found long lost friends , teachers, whomever we had lost all hopes to be able to contact again in our lifetime, through orkut! Its simple amazing n orkut has given me tons of joy!!

N may be because im sooo crazy about it, the innovative wedding card which is shown in picture{plz click to enlarge} also impressed me a lot... it came to me very recently from a friend(i don't think its for real..If it is then my hearty congratulations to the coouple Also,compliments to whoever thought of this innovative idea.) and at a time when i had just finished my horrendous search for a wedding card for myself..(just kidding.. i enjoyed every moment of it ;))

Also a came across an interesting blog about orkut.. do check out

N let me take a little credit for myself.. please see wat PS has to say in her blog . Njoy n keep orkutting!!!


ushaaa said...

hey im going to join orkut.u and ps tempt me to.thankyou.

diyadear said...

wow.. thats gr8!!! hearty welcome to orkut :)

Pramu said...

Good writing skills Divya.. i went thru couple of urs blogs they were really amazing....hey i like tortilas too with salsa

Ps said...

Tried to see the link about the orkut blog.Unfortunately its showing an error message.Will try again later..Else scrap me on orkut!!! :-)

diyadear said...

Thanks a lot pramu..
N PS. sorry that was a mistake on m,y part. thanks for letting me know. plz check now..

soorya said...

hahaa..that card was for real... :-)) am happy that the card is floating around...actually its my wedding card...a frnd of mine was searching for innovative wedding cards and he found these links whr ppl had written abt our wedding card on their blogs.. :-)) was quite thrilled to see it..chk my blog post for the inside story of the orkut card.. ;-) ->

X'mas fun in the Garden City