I need a Title..

Friends, Bloggers, Readers,

I would very much appreciate ur help in choosing a title for my blog.. Do leave ur comments n help me choose..




Maddy said…
tricky request that, really has to be your own concotion - well why not -a voice from houston- i think that's nice.
diyadear said…
thank u maddy for the sugession..
Mr. J said…

1) Diya Sayz
2) Di's Musings

Hmm, will be back with some more :p
diyadear said…
Thanks a lot Mr. J..Awaiting more comments from u :)
I like "Diya Sayz" as suggested before :)...nice blog btw...i landed on US shores on 28th DEc 2005...married just a mth before that..so had fun reading ur stuff.brought back memories.. :)
diyadear said…
hey miss muffet,
I am glad u had a nice time.. I liked Diya Sayz to.. guess that will be the one.. But let me wait for few more inputs.. :)
Rahul said…
If u like long titles then how abt "World through Diya's eyes".
Nithya N said…
how about "Glimpses..." ?
Ps said…
Er...Growing up?(naah--just kidding) or may be 'time of my life'It depends on what YOU want to SAY.
diyadear said…
rahul, nithya, Ps,
Thank u for the suggessions.
As is said ya it has to be wat i need to say. and though i liked diya sayz a lot. the final title is wat my mom has suggested. :)
Thank u all once again.. Hope u all like the new look n title :)
Maddy said…
well, dreamgal that was nice for a title - now that that is out of the way, time to fill the blog up!!!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
diyadear said…
maddy hope ur back to c my blog filling up :)
dear anonymous reader, thank u very much for the lovely suggession.. but it was before i chose this current one.. hope u like it..

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