Saturday, February 3, 2007


Right when i had been wondering whether i had been writing a lot about myself, Harshal Tagged me.. So here i go... Blabbering more about myself ..


Fav0rite C0l0r : Blue,Black,Magenta
Fav0rite F00d : Chicken Biriyani.
Fav0rite M0nth : June
Fav0rite S0ng : Nothings gonna change my love..(And many more!!)
Fav0rite M0vie : City of Angels, Jerry McGuire
Fav0rite Sp0rt : Hide and seek(LOL)
Fav0rite Seas0n : Spring and monsoons.
Fav0rite Day 0f the week : Sunday.
Fav0rite Ice Cream Flav0r : Mango, Butter-scotch
Fav0rite Time 0f Day :Evenings

Current M00d : Sulky
Current Taste : Sweet
Current Cl0thes : Black T-shirt, Grey tracks.
Current Deskt0p : Windows XP
Current T0enail C0l0r : Magenta
Current Time :2:40 Pm
Current Surr0undings :My Living Room
Current Th0ughts : This is the stupidest tag yet.

First Best Friend : Some kid..forgot the name.
First Screen Name : screened where??? :O.
First Pet : Dad never allowed pets. :(
First Piercing : Ears.
First Album : Don't remember
First M0vie : Sholey(I went as a baby with mom n dad :))

Last Cigarette : when I was in college.
Last Drink : Water
Last Car Ride : This morning.My driving classes.
Last M0vie Seen : Guru.
Last Ph0ne Call : Nowadays its mostly through Yahoo messenger..
Last B00k Read : The Good Earth by Pearl.S.Buck

5 Nexts
Next thing to do: publish this blog!
Next Holiday: Not yet decided but I quite fancy California.
Next Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's'.
Next Book To Read : Time Travellers Wife
Next Blog : This one!!!!

1. Black 0r White : Black
2. H0t 0r C0ld : Cool.


Ps said...

Why are you in a sulky mood? Time traveller's wife is superb.(Most people who read it would agree)

diyadear said...

sulky cos i have to try real hard in the afternoons not to sleep.. ha ha ha

Hershey said...

ok..lets see.
YAY to June.
YAY to springs and monsoons...I think you didn't even type that..just copy pasted it..
Mango rules!

Nah this ain't the stupidiest..have seen worse.. heh..have created worse. really copy pasted some answers didn't you. never allowed pets in my case.

nice. Bye now.

diyadear said...

hi harshal,
he he wat to do.. kuch purani aadaten chooti hi nahi ;)

Hershey said...

chalta hai.
write a new post now.

Anusha Parthasarathy said...

Hi diya

I guess the whole blog world has been caught in this tag thing :)

sweta prabhu said...

seriously.... this is wat i call " vagali joli kayn na" ;)

diyadear said...

yeah at times it fun to keep the chain post going..
U know me well :)

priya said...

Mango is my favorite too girl;)
Sulky.. hmm it happens donno worry..

X'mas fun in the Garden City