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Hello everybody.. Days have just been flying and i find myself staring at another weekend.. hurray!! Not that other days r not a weekend to me.. ;-)
N today was a terrific day cos i got to eat mango mousse as much as i wanted at a lunch buffet.. We went to this tight little place called "Indian wok" which indeed is a favourite place of ours. And wasn't i happy.. to c that the desert had my favourite item on it..
I am crazy abt mangoes.. I can have it for breakfast, dinner, lunch with tea, with bread, rice, noodles whatever!!
Pity this march i miss them soo much.. Its mango season now..Though we do get mangoes here, not the enormous variety from which u get to choose, back in sweet old India.. boo boo
N my naughty little sister is making me J describing how she had all my moms masterpiece mango delicacies.. Juicy ripe mangoes.. see wat power they got.. can even come between sisters ;-) Aint they dressed to kill.. slurp slurp!!

A severed life!!

I hardly remember the day I came here...Its seems so many years back.. but it hardly has been an year even.. The day when i was taken away from my family.. I didn't even realize that i was to be severed from them forever..May be i miss them so much now because i don't get to meet anyone like me here.. i cant say i don't have friends though..
i love playing with the kids and the new family, (my family now) is very caring and good..i know they all love me a lot and i am being well taken care of.. But at times when everybody else around me gets busy i long for company.. Its pretty frustrating to be inside the house all the time.. N even the times when i go out to the patio or by the pool, i get jealous when i see birds in a flock merrily enjoying their freedom beyond all boundaries.. I love going out.. long drives are really refreshing.. But that happens once in a blue moon.. :(
I guess my autobiography is looking very morose.. So let me tell you about the happier things i do..…

Cy-Fair College Library

On the very first week in US, my hubby took me to the library nearby..The Cy-Fair college library.. It may not be the best one i have seen but believe me.. the place is huge.. N simply awesome!!! Its open to the public n bein a college library feels so young and alive and active!!!
Its open to the public of Harris county(The county where we live) and each person can take up to 50 items(books, Cd's, movies..)I don't know abt the readers here in US but i was really very very impressed..
Moreover, there are hundreds of flat screen computers n laptops all fully connected to the Internet and again open to the public!!! N the number of books is also remarkable.. You name it and they have it.. each arranged in shelves under various headings n sorted by the name of the author.
There are also many short courses for people of all age groups under the continuing education program.. From my first visit to the place i have dreamt of joining this college n bein a part of it.. but the possibili…


Yesterday i felt so happy and content after a long walk.. The winter is gone and spring is here..

There are flowers blooming everywhere n all the many colors and shades make ur lips curve in smile.. Posting in the pics of these lovely flowers that spread joy n warmth to the world around!!

Also, on a recent drive to some place, we came across a place called cypresswood.. Wat a stunning place.. The houses(i shud say mansions) were gorgeous but the trees were the best.. The shades of green and yellow reminded me of the oil paintings we made at school.. How our teacher used to teach us to mix green n yellow for the trees and how i used to admire his paintings!!! It was truly picturesque!! i also love trees with red leaves..They r so magnificent and outstanding!! As if emanating a message to each one of us to stand out too :-) The weather is creating wonders and me.. I am "Springing" with joy!!!


Recently i hapenned to visit a butterfly museum along with few friends n a bunch of kids.. As its spring break here, the museum was packed with kids..
After the initial struggle for parking , tickets n all we went in.. The National Historic Museum consisted of a museum for chemistry, the skeletons of dinosaurs,elephants etc., a moving section about the Roman Civilization, a gems n minerals display and the Butterfly Museum..

What attracted me most can be guessed from the name of this post namely, the butterflies..

First we were walked through the different stages of the life of a butterfly.. that is the egg, the caterpillar(or larva),the pupa and finally the adult butterfly.
The picture above shows the final 2 stages ie the pupa(green in color) and on the top layer an adult butterfly sprouting was a mesmerising view to c the butterfly freeing itself from the pupa stage n taking the form of a butterfly.. We were really lucky that we cud c a butterfly metamorphosis live.. However we…

yarned over!!!

In my previous post i have introduced to u one of my favourite hang outs places the Hobby-Lobby. On one of our strolls, my mother-in-law wanted to check out the "wool" section..

Other than the knitting i did (after much swearing), during my S.U.P.W periods in school, i never even used to think abt it..(Some Useful Periods Wasted is wat we called them..N i don't remember the correct expansion for the Acronym ;-))

However, this is wat elders changes.. N here i was staring at different colors n shapes n prices of yarn!!!I must say the collection was humongous!!! N to add to it there was an after winter clearance sale.. N so many ladies were flocking around.. N among them was one lady who looked very kind and sweet n gave us a polite smile.. I was simply lingering around feeling the soft mass of fabric n admiring the color combinations n glancing at the design patterns in display.. After we had made our selection of colors n texture n all, we moved on to buy crotchet…

Pretty Woman!!!

I received this mail from a dear friend this morning... Beautiful Isn't it??Sharing it with all of you N a very happy women's day to all u beautiful ladies out there!! Enjoy!!

Captain Tom's

Last night's dinner at Captain Tom's Seafood n Oyster was a feel gud one.. with the look n feel of a snub nosed shrimp boat both from outside n inside, the place is packed n in demand!! Sadly we cudn't grab seats by the bow which faces the road..
There is a horseshoe shaped center area used for taking orders n is stacked with all the raw stuff n beer bottles..The service is very prompt n the food pretty cheap too. A dozen oysters run to about four dollars..
You can spice up ur oysters with cocktail sauce,horse radish or lemon juice..with a horde of sauces, each one turning ur face to bum red n numb, choosing the right combination needs talent or the easiest way is just follow wat ur neighbour is doing!!
After the most sought after oysters, there r the shrimps, both fried n stuffed and also catfish..But the dish i liked most is gumbo a typical Louisiana (Cajun) food..consisting of shrimp n okra (lady's finger) it was one of the most delicious soups i have ever had..
Also af…

My Visual DNA!!

i think this is cool...

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This week we have been really busy with a little spiritual work n stuff.. But hopefully I'll be free again by Monday.. But last evening our busy schedule resulted in some quality time spent with a bunch of kids in their clay modelling class..
My husband's nephews aged 10 n 8 are so inspired by him that they blabbered out his talents to their art teacher and she invited him to take a class for the kids.. I ought to mention she was tremendously impressed by his masterpiece ganesha shown in picture..
So we set off with our little clay models,(Check them out!)N i trailed behind him. ;-) The kids were excited as they were being introduced to a new kind of clay the sculpey which cud be baked in the oven and not their unusual play doh.N our little nephews were the proudest of all showing off saying "wow!did my uncle make that!!" It was really sweet to see the kids marvel in wonder n their eyes grow wide as the clay giraffe and ganesha took shape..Interesting were the comments…