This week we have been really busy with a little spiritual work n stuff.. But hopefully I'll be free again by Monday.. But last evening our busy schedule resulted in some quality time spent with a bunch of kids in their clay modelling class..

My husband's nephews aged 10 n 8 are so inspired by him that they blabbered out his talents to their art teacher and she invited him to take a class for the kids.. I ought to mention she was tremendously impressed by his masterpiece ganesha shown in picture..

So we set off with our little clay models,(Check them out!)N i trailed behind him. ;-) The kids were excited as they were being introduced to a new kind of clay the sculpey which cud be baked in the oven and not their unusual play doh.N our little nephews were the proudest of all showing off saying "wow!did my uncle make that!!" It was really sweet to see the kids marvel in wonder n their eyes grow wide as the clay giraffe and ganesha took shape..Interesting were the comments we heard from them too.. our little nephew was telling his friend " hey u need to mould putting more of the clay just like god made your big head.." N also were they very enthusiastic to ask their new teacher whether their model was done alright.. how his one nod of approval made their little faces bloom like flowers.. n in the end each one had his/her initials written on their clay model and sent out to the oven..
It was a cute evening spent with abt 8-9 kids and it was really a pleasure to c them trying on their own to make other creatures after their stint with the giraffe.. This post wud have been best narrated by my husband but just like Watson narrates all Sherlock Holmes stories, i take up the role to present it to you all :)


Hershey said…
cool ganesha.
what the hell is a sculpey..have never heard of this clay ever...gotta find out about it similar to that nutty putty clay I had when I was a kid?
diyadear said…
hi harshal, welcome back.. I too haerd of sculpey just a month back. No idea if its the same one that u ve mentioned..This ones cool. U cant even put a scratch on it after its baked.
priya said…
Thaz damn cute girl:)
This is very interesting and fun to play. I am sure your family had a good time playing with it.
diyadear said…
thank u priya..
Pink, yes it was good fun :)
Ps said…
Lovely work!Surprisingly I too taught clay ganeshas to the akanksha kids on Ganesh chaturti day.We didnt bake them, but it was great.
you two sure seem to be one talented couple :) Cool stuff with the clay!
opal said…
diya....Thank you for visiting my blog today and leaving me your kind comment. I followed your trail back to your blog, and I find it most interesting to read and look through. You seem to be a very upbeat, positive and talented person. I have enjoyed what I have seen and will return. Opal
diyadear said…
Ps, pls send me the pic of ur ganesha.. :)
miss muffet, a little not very talented :)
Opal, Thanks a lot for ur kind compliment..i liked ur blog very much too :)
Lotus Reads said…
Wow, Diya, the Ganesha looks marvellous, you guys have done a great job!

When I lived in Dubai, my neighbor, an art teacher, had a small clay workshop in her backyard and I learned how to sculpt a few things, it was always so therapeutic.

Glad you shared this with us!
diyadear said…
lotus, thanks a lot.. he has a real penchant for pottery
sweta prabhu said…
i got to admit. u are damn good at akki. i love all ur posts. especially this one. seriousely. its fun teaching kids things that they dont know.
sweta prabhu said…
i got to admit. u are damn good at akki. i love all ur posts. especially this one. seriousely. its fun teaching kids things that they dont know.
Aditi said…
Wow that ganesha is really impressive..
diyadear said…
thanks a lot sweetspie.. ur a darling..
aditi the credit goes entirely to my hus :)

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