Yesterday i felt so happy and content after a long walk.. The winter is gone and spring is here..

There are flowers blooming everywhere n all the many colors and shades make ur lips curve in smile.. Posting in the pics of these lovely flowers that spread joy n warmth to the world around!!

Also, on a recent drive to some place, we came across a place called cypresswood.. Wat a stunning place.. The houses(i shud say mansions) were gorgeous but the trees were the best.. The shades of green and yellow reminded me of the oil paintings we made at school.. How our teacher used to teach us to mix green n yellow for the trees and how i used to admire his paintings!!!
It was truly picturesque!! i also love trees with red leaves..They r so magnificent and outstanding!! As if emanating a message to each one of us to stand out too :-)
The weather is creating wonders and me.. I am "Springing" with joy!!!


MeMyself_n_I said…
i love spring too. gets me all chirpy. lol. lovely pictures.
priya said…
How lucky you are to see the flowers. Its still gloomy and wet weather and cold.
those are some pretty flowers :)
Keshi said…
o dear Diya it's Autumn here :(

Prashant said…
Enjoy teh spring with some beautiful flowers and people

smiles :)
Mr. J said…
Spring.. and then summer.. and it gets sooo hot
Deepak Gopi said…
Now it is summer here,i am eagerly awaiting for the winter.Nice post& thank you for the visit
diyadear said…
hey teenager,
yes it gets me all chirpy too.. wish i were a bird ;)
priya, which part of the world r u in?dont worry every dust has a dawn.. :)
miss muffet, cudnt agree more!!
keshi,wait for ur turn... :)patience results in spring!! lol
abhishek, warm welcome to my world..hope it helps in ur alteration :D
prashanth, yup thats exactly wat i'm looking fwd to..
Mr J, so i've heard abt the summer :( but i dont want that to dampen the spring spirit.. enjoy while u can!!!
thank u all for those lovely comments!!
diyadear said…
yes in kerala, winter is teh best.. wat carefree climate!! i do miss it sometimes though..
Perspective Inc said…
Such pretty flowers!! And I love this season too... it just makes me soo happy!
Maddy said…
well well, we have a lot of desert here, too few flowers, but i was taken aback by your tough disclaimer...man somebody has been bugging you from the looks of it!!
Moi said…
ah!! the spring fever has caught u too!!!:)Its glorious outside.....:) have a great spring :)
TS said…
springing? He he!
diyadear said…
hey perspective inc, thanks for visiting :) hope to jear more from u..
maddy, well no real buggin as such..but prevention is better than cure n i touht i saw some symptoms :)
moi, u have a gr8 spring too..
TS, he he he!!!
Bob-kat said…
It is so nice to see the flowers and the pics of yours are lovely. It's Spring here too and the trees are starting to sprout leaves. It will soon be warm and sunny again! :-)
Radha said…
I love spring too & those flowers are beautiful!
Thx for this post! :)
diyadear said…
B-K, enjoy!!!
Radha, thank u.. the pleasure was all mine :)
Ps said…
Lovely ovely flowers.
Can imagine why they brought you joy.
diyadear said…
Ps, yes really lovely indeed..
Lotus Reads said…
Hi, Diya!

So happy to know you are "springing" with joy....Canada is slightly behind (weatherwise) so we'll see our spring flowers only in another week or so...can't wait!!! Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures, you've put a spring in my step!
diyadear said…
lotus, yes spring is at ur doorstep.. soon it will be a part of ur home :)

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