Monday, April 23, 2007

Adopt a plant

Little Sadhana (my 6 yr old friend*)is very happy.. she is getting a baby sister this Thursday.. She is thrilled at the concept of baby-sitting her sister and so very excited about it..
I have learnt a lot from her.. She has introduced me to her world of Disney, pbskids, nick and more.. I must say these sites r really amusing and the games are quite entertaining... i do have a lot of fun on these sites..
She is a very sweet child and ever willing to help her mom/me with the household chores of cooking and cleaning..Charming n smart, she is my favourite accomplice.One of the recent incidents she handled smartly is, when after dinner she was served dessert n she asked for a second helping. Her mom hinted that she shouldn't waste it.. however half way through little Sadhana got fed up n noticed that her mom was yet to take the dessert.. She quickly commented.. "mom, u needn't trouble urself to fetch the dessert.. i can share mine with u.." how sweet rt?? But the naughty look on her face did give her away.. n we all had a hearty laugh..
i wished i had heard of his line when i was a kid..It wud have saved me so much energy, resisting n pleading to be let without eating the spinach n beets..i wud gladly share them.. :-)
As she is not permitted to keep pets by her dad, Sadhana has very smartly deviated the channel towards having a pet plant.. she has a small pot with white n yellow chrysanthemums and tends n nurtures it lovingly..
I too had been thinking for a while about gardening and my roommate in India also loved the idea n we used to plan to get a plant.. however it never materialised for us..And last Friday, to my ecstasy, the guests who were invited over for dinner at our place landed with a pot of white chrysanthemums :-) I am trying my best to make them feel at home.. Hope the climate too obliges n my flowers keep blooming the way they are now.. (in pic)
* it was amusing to note that some of u thought sadhana is my daughter.. he he!! wud love to mother a kid like her.. :-) but guess its not the right time yet ;-)


Beefybob7 said...

Why are Indian people so gentle and serene? Well mostly.

You're flowers are lovely and so are you.

I drive a train at an amusement park and met a truly lovely Indian mother (now Aussie) and son. T'was only a fleeting chat but I will remember her for a long time.

She was wearing a leather cowboy (girl) hat.

tulipspeaks said...

lovely pot of plant! looking at my moneyplant on my office desk, i wish i had a flowering plant here instead! :P


diyadear said...

hey beefybob,
thanks a lot for ur kind remarks.. ya i know how it feels..sometimes just a small chit chat with a stranger lingers a long way down the memory lane.. :)
yes do bring in a flowerinf plant too.. it will give company to the money plant :)

Keshi said...

lovely thought.


Cris said...

I love getting flowers... this weekend I got some from my hubby and kids.. I was thrilled, I took a picture too, will post it soon (hopefully, been so busy at work!). Take care.

preeti said...

nicely written!
luv chrysanthemums :)

Shruti said...

hey wonderful post...aflowers are beautiful and i must say ur sweet little daughter is too sweet...
Take care....

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Diya!

Little Sadhana is as sweet and charming as her mother! What a great idea to give a child a plant to help instill values of nurturing, responsibility etc. You guys are awesome parents!

diyadear said...

thank u..
will surely drop by to c ur plant..
me too :)
lol!!! sadhana is my next door neighbour.. i have been married hardly 4 months he he .. but i wud love to have her as my daughter..
i am really laughing out loud... sadhana is my neighbour.. but awesome parents we will be one day:)

Moi said...

a sweet pic to compliment the post....and Li'l S is really cute...haha..the kids these days ..they can just abt get away with anything....with all my 25 years of experience behind moi i still feel like a babe in woods with them :)
we just got a new place for ourselves and my patio is waiting for the right weather to come by to do it up with the plants, like i ve always wanted to :)

pria said...

A nice plant and a good thought girl.

You can write good stories coz u write well.

diyadear said...

thank u.. ya kids these days r too smart.. can't help smiling.. may ur patio bloom with flowers soon.. n do post in a pic for us thenn :)
that was really a lovely compliment.. lets c how it turns out.. :)

sweta prabhu said...

hi "mummy" [;D]
good post di. i wud actually like to make frnds with sadhana. looks like she's too fun to be with.

sweta prabhu said...

hi "mummy" [;D]
good post di. i wud actually like to make frnds with sadhana. looks like she's too fun to be with.

Radha said...

So sweet! I have a cute 3-yr old neighbour myself!!
Kids are such a source of entertainment & relaxation after a days work!!

diyadear said...

do come over.. u can instantly be friends with her..
yeah. u said it.. kids r really gr8 source of relaxation :)

Little Miss Muffet said...

nice flowers..actually that's a great idea as a subsitute for a pet..

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