Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nest shift

As i had mentioned in my post cyfair-college library that i wud tell u all my reasons for not being able to do a course there.. Well the reason is this!! We have moved over to Dallas.

Shifting was a real pain.. All the packing, loading, unloading... phew...I missed the blogging world though i did try n visit ur sites in between..

I must say i love my new apartment.. It has a fireplace and french windows..Also, with spring in its full bloom, i can c the beautiful garden down below from our portico..
will upload pics of my new home soon..

Although all this settling in has infused me with a bad cold, i think this change is good.. But i will surely miss Houston a lot. Our cousins there.. Little sadhana n her family, friends.. n oh ya her new born sister shrawanti.. i hadn't overcome missing India when again we had to move n now its overridden by feelings of missing Houston..
Anyways, i look forward to a new city and new people.. That's sumthing i can adapt with ease as i have been shifting every 2-3 yrs all through my life..

Vasanth's mom has gone back to India n i'm now in full charge of the kitchen.. i can't resist telling u all that the first 2 days of breakfast, lunch n dinner was a success...
Hope the heart-stomach saying keeps working on n on ;)


StandbyMind said...

cool to know that...and sounds like a real nice apartment...
and u sound like a great cook tom e..what ur speciality then...

( and a Hi to fellow sub normal friend) ;) lol

Hershey said...

ah no wonder you were moving.
Its funny when people move away from their house. If you are not too attached to it then its ok I guess... I don't mind moving to a new place...but there will one room in that area that resembles my room right now..else I can't move.

fireplace..eheheh..I can think of a lot of things to do there...

"Vasanth's mom has gone back to India"...
somehow I think you were grinning, almost cackling, when you wrote that. Specially with the words you used after.."am in FULL CONTROL"

i await to see the pics. Especially the fireplace

Hershey said...

btw...why do you think I added the comic section?

to make the blog a little more pleasant.
Chances are people would shut it off once they see a big dragon staring at em....but when they see a comic, they would find out that there might be something worthwhile to read.

Cris said...

That's so cute!!! Are you going to post your recipes to our delight! Please...

david santos said...

You are Master. Thank you.

Keshi said...

Moved to Dallas? WOW I wish u all the best in ur new place. I know Moving is a big pain in the ass...but u have now finished that bit so enjoy ur new home!


Ps said...

Good luck on your new apartment and new place.
You will manage really well.That I'm sure of..After all whose cousin?!!
Keep the flag flying high!!

Ps said...

Have you put you in blogroll too.

Ash said...

Heee.......all the best!!!

Bob-kat said...

I am certain that you will settle in quickly and get to know Dallas very well. I am sure you will find many positive things about it. Meanwhile I hope your cold goes away soon!

diyadear said...

first of all thank u all for those remarkable comments.. somehow today i felt really happy after reading all comments.. a spl feeling..
standbymind(my new sub normal friend),
we have begun cooking non veg at home he he he.. special recipes will be discovered n posted in soon..
ya.. i know ppl like u.. butu for me as my dad is a banker, we moved every 3 yrs.. so i like it now :)
n as for ur posts.. i'll surely come n read them.. after all, watever the template the stuff u write is soo gud ;) dont hit the ceiling ok..

wow public demand for my recipe.. im honored.. will post my latest discovery soon.
welcome & thank u too :)
yup.. i feel im gonna have a gr8 time here..
he he.. hey u've never mentioned ur culinary skills..parcel me some of ur stuff ;)
thanks for dropping by..
thank u honey for wishing my cold to go soon. its soo very irritating..

MeMyself_n_I said...

hey, all the best in your new place. the apartment sounds lovely.
happy cooking and hope your cold goes away soon. :-)

MeMyself_n_I said...

and yes, looking forward to the photos!

Moi said...

so thats what keeping u away....hope u enjoy Dallas as much as u enjoyed least the move is within the state ....hope u get back to feeling good again soon :)

Moi said...

And beautiful pic for the post....:)

Little Miss Muffet said...

ooh u moved to dallas...we stayed there for 6 months last yr..i must confess i didn't really like it was way too hot for visit the fountain's fun..u must be enjoying being the queen of the house :)

Maddy said...

aha - you have moved out of houston? dallas is ok, have been there a few times..but my memories of dallas center around the oliver stone movie JFK....
decent desi crowd?
all the bestest in dallas...

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

feel like giving you a hug when i read this.
to deal with a feeling could be a difficult thing but everyone can learn to handle it. Am sure you will settle well in Dallas.
Enjoy your new home and good luck.

Bharath said...

Du u want to try some of my recipes ;)

COngrats on u r new home.. !

Radha said...

I know how painful it is to move places....but its also exciting in a way to start afresh in a new place, new house, new people! good luck settling in!

diyadear said...

hey teenager,
will post in the pics soon.
yup.. glued to texas!!! hope this place is cool too.. :)
mis muffet,
yup enjoying he he.. will visit the fountains soon..
u wont believe it.. so much desi crowd that i sumtimes forget im not in india.. not exaggerrating!!!
yes we need to momve on.. n hope its all for the better.. thank u..
do send them across. will try them :)
thanku..yup it is exciting.. u bet..

Mr. J said...

After uprooting myself from places, i've convinced myself that home is where I have my 2 suitcases stacked up.

Have fun!!

priya said...

Have a nice time in your new home girl. Loved that pic' and makes me think to write on it.

diyadear said...

hey mr j,
yes home is where ur heart is!!!
go on will come n read abt it :)

Maddy said...

maybe u shd correct your profile - it is still in houston...

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Diya

Change is good! Soon you'll have a whole new circle of friends and your old friends as well.

Stupid question but how long does it take to drive from Houston to Dallas?

X'mas fun in the Garden City