Tuesday, September 11, 2007

10 days..

Have been away for a whole 10 days.. hope you remember i mentioned about a visit to an aunt's place.. well that alone cannot mark the reason for my absence.. Suddenly life seems very busy.. I am surprised i dont have time to take my afternoon nap :D ha ha well i've taken up a new online course. well at least something to feel worthwhile.. N not only am i attending this twice a week, 5 hrs a day, we have group study on other days.. feels like im back to school...but again everything is virtual.. wat i mean is on the web.. even my classroom is in my laptop now, hooking me all the more to it..
After my RJ fiasco (i never heard any gud news from them) another new venture ive taken up is vocal music..There is a troupe which performs on stage for some occasions and me and my husband happened to be present on one of their practice sessions.. Stage fright is my next of kin and i could feel my knees wobbling when i was asked to sing.. My whole life i've been afraid of singing on stage.. For all other matters like debates, extempores and speeches, i've never had trouble. But though otherwise i sing well and have taken up official training in Carnatic music, when i step on the stage my voice gets all cracked up and u can feel the churns in my stomach being dispelled out in my voice and wat not.. But now as im growing up(he he) i feel before i reach the zenith and start my journey downhill this is one of the things i would like to successfully achieve. So singing practises are goin on and will let you know whether it all went on well or i ran out thru the back door ;)


Devil Mood said...

You go, girl :)
We should never say it's too late to overcome our stupidest fears (especially those!).
What's the online course you're doing about?

Keshi said...

so u've been a busy girl ha Diya? Nice :) I was wondering where u were hehe.

Online course..I wish u all the best in it!

Singing? WOW I love singing! I sing in public sometimes...not pop songs...devotional songs from our prayer centre. And do I even need to tell u abt my Karaoke skills :) Im the Karaoke queen among my friends hehe. I hv a Karaoke machine at home too :)

Dun worry too much abt ppl..when u go on stage, just think one thing...u r singing with ur heart, for someone u love...that way u forget abt all the ppl listening to u.

Good luck!

Radha said...

Diya, hey, welcome back. Hope you're enjoying going back to student-hood :-) even if its only an online student life!

And keep going with the music practice. The more you practice the lesser will be the stage fright! Try practising in front of the mirror or in front of your close friends. That helps too. And lock the back door from outside so that even if you feel the impulse theres no turning back ;-))

Little Miss Muffet said...

oh facing ur fears is the best way to confront them..i'm sure u'll conquer urs :) sad that the RJ thingie didn't happen...

MeMyself_n_I said...

oooooh so finally you're back. yay!

you're gonna be singing on stage? sooo coooooool. do have fun. :-)

and best of lcuk with the online course.

akanksha said...

O O Buzy bee...so that was why u were away! But its good to be buzy at times...afterall,the satisfaction u achieve after doing wt u want in life is a big thing. I a, actually waiting for the day when i'll get back home so tired that i sleep as soon as i fall on my bed.
Hmmm..ur stage fright reminds me of a frnd of mine who sang beautifully but the same happened to her the minute he held the mike on stage.but i am sure u'll cope up with this too,afterall difficuilties mark the way of bigger success.All the best!!!!

Cris said...

Your new template is so beautiful. So, for some reason the RJ didn't happen... but maybe is for the best... there are reasons for everything and sometimes we are not able to understand now...

Maddy said...

holy cow - you are a quick jumper -so now it is carnatic & singing - go for it and probably try out with a few music blogs to start with..so you get some reviews...

diyadear said...

Its the HR module of SAP..
hey my be u shud lend me some karoke then ;) n know wat thats exactly wat i did when i was asked to sin that day.. just thought of it as i was singin for my lord n it was wonderful :)
singing in front of the miror wud be hilarious.. i'd crackle up laughing he he
how r u doing?? ya sad abt rj :(
thanks i need all the gud luck :)
yes it does give u a satisfaction when u sleep after working soo much..
thank u.. yes i believe in that too.. everything happens for a reason :)
yes i have been thinking of a music blog too.. any suggessions how to start one???

wacko said...

hmm..online course! how do you manage to study for 5 hours on your lap..phew!

stage fear..o yes! but, you know i could sing well and i stammered while i spoke for debates or speeches..quite ironical you see!


J said...

Studying??? OMG..

Singing.. Wow!! Maybe that will get you on stage.. and even a special spot on the radio ;)

Nanditha Prabhu said...

great!i didn't know of your singing talents!Once you start singing , you will build the confidence!i still have my tummy rolling before every performance....
all the best yaar!

KAYLEE said...


KAYLEE said...


Pointblank said...

As far as I remember, u were living on stage! Lol! O migawd! Tat bit bout the downhill journey scared the hell outta me!

tulipspeaks said...

glad u r back dear!

ah.. online course.. sounds good for u. and singing on stage.. ooo.. may be u can upload a song sung by u for us to hear. ;)


diyadear said...

teah its soo boring :(( but wat to do have to take pains to get a job :(
ha ha yeah we can dream so :)
he he. ya i need all the best wishes :)
how u doing dear?
lols ur pulling my leg.. i dont know if u had noticed but i sang only in grp.. for solo i always fled.. :)
if u promise u wont run away or stop visiting me after that i'll give it a shot :P

Ps said...

Good luck! I'm certain it will go well.
What online course is this?

Sri Tatsat Mishra said...

Running is not an option for those who strive for excellence or for those who want to change **...this is one of the things i would like to successfully achieve...** to "I always knew I am born for it" .So let me restate the options you have now~~
1) perform

n this is not a typing mistake.you read it right and i spelt it right.Both options are one and the same...So rock on ~~~

kaylee said...

//how u doing dear?//

Oh you dont know how great the last few days have been for me:) I havent been in much pain at all:)

Hershey Desai said...

an online course?
nice..what is it.

and, singing in public..with stage fright..very challenging combination.. work on it dear..it will soon go away. Be a good singer..
and if you get famous..don't forget us little people..

sweta prabhu said...

being ur sister.. i know how much singing means to you di.. (our old dreams of being playback singers :D) its never too late though.. go on if u get a chance.. knowing u so well.. i know u wont run out thru back door.. so go ahead.. tell me one thing.. how do u bear those studies!! eeeeeee i am sick and tired of it.

Aswin said...

So back to studies :-).. Virtual classroom that sounds interesting.. and a solo singer..give it a shot and dont run through the back door... the butterflies in your stomach will get cleared out after one or two performances.

AmitL said...

Hi,Diya..isn't it great-to be so busy??I just cannot imagine the thought of sitting idle-it'd be a total disaster.(Idle mind,devil's workshop,etc etc..hehe)...

Wow...vocal music-as Tulip suggested,a song uploaded would be welcome.

SG said...

Good luck with your studies as well as singing! Stage fright... I think its just some "starting trouble" we all have, but once you start everything will be smooth:)

Maddy said...

the best person to ask about music blogs is jo at http://www.joplanet.com/contact.php

X'mas fun in the Garden City