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After hearing a lot about Jhumpa lahiri from a very inspiring person (read my post on him here) who even remembered her characters from her Pulitzer winner "Interpreter of maladies", i decided to grab my hands on her next book "The Namesake". I know the book may have been much discussed about already, But unlike the other much discussed books which i pick up and which end up disappointing me, this one was a real entertainer. On thinking about the plot and story line, it is a very simple story of a Bengali family who have migrated to the US and the story is very much normal and can be one of you or me or any other person.. A very common kind of story. I think that is the secret behind its success. The way she makes you bound to the book with no complexities, nothing unusual or mystic but still with an aura of freshness and intrigue.. I am totally a fan of Jhumpa now. The style of her writing, her way of describing things, its all very mesmerising.. I just couldn'…

The Vacation's Over :(

As all good things come to an ed, so did our sweet little vacation..
Now i need to fine new ways back home to amuse myself.. And one of them of course is blogging.. So here i go. -
You have to guess the places i visited from the pictures below.. No brand prizes/goodie bags to be given away.. But lets just have some fun..
So there are 3 pics taken at 3 different places.. N here they go -

Easy isn't it?? will brag about my trip in the next post.. But i did have a lot of fun :D