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Reality Bites

After a gap of about 5 months i thought of resuming my blog.. With the big miracle of creation going on inside me and the hormones running haywire, thinking straight has been a luxury..But what the hell.. i write not for entertainment, not for acknowledgment but for myself..
So to all the people who seem to conveniently ignore my DISCLAIMER, i suggest you read it all over again before giving me a piece of your thick head.. :)

So in my post on reality bites, the first and foremost bit was when we left US for good and came back to India.. Man how can a country change so much in less than 2 years.. Its been 3 months and i still keep pondering..

With the mumbai terror attacks and all and with us living in Pune, the next closest city to Mumbai, i feel literally scared to bring a baby into this world.. What safety do i assure this teeny weeny being?? I wanted a baby so i could cuddle it and play with it and what not.. (ya ya silly i know!!) But now protecting it from what not seems to be the g…

The daemon

It was way past midnight..At a girls hostel of our kind night is when life beings.. But the mid night pajama parties and musical nights were all now banned. Thanks to the change in management and replacement of our old, high pitched warden with a daemon. The daemon watched with her red sadist eyes and the moment she saw a smile or "look of love" on a 16 year old she made sure that it vanished in minutes.. She said she knew the look of love and it had done no one any good. Rumours about her broken affair and jokes about her blind, haunch backed lover were much narrated stories in our dorms. Entering into the girls hostel was now an unconquered quest for the boys. All the lovie-dovies and coochie-cooers suffered in silent tears..

Now all hopes where pinned on the sizzling six for a rescue from the current curfew..The sixer gang had all the sophisticated gadgets and amenities available at the time. In the times when even incoming calls were charged in India, all six of them had …

the witch from ga-ga land

Hello anybody home?? This seems to be a deserted island.. Whatever happened to the lunatic blogger who owned this place?? Has she fled the country?? Ha ha guess she has had enough of USA!! Well I am the black witch from ga-ga land who will now take over this place.. I like anything painted red - RED the hot hot color of hell, the sweet soothing color of blood.. And in this redness we will bask - in the glory of being sinners and suck out from each other the confessions of the wicked mind..
So now beware people.. do not come here expecting to hear simple, sweet polite stories of a 20 something silly girl.. Things from now will be very very different.. The banished kingdom has been revived. Exciting new events now await you here.. Fasten your seat belts as you get ready to experience a roller coaster ride in this saga of misfortune, spite and vengeance..
Even if u encounter the 20 something girl in between, do not let the illusion mislead you. Be known you mortals -Deep down its now me -…


Can't believe my 100th post is coming so late.. But better late than never right? So here i go..

Been a busy month march.. with visa processing and loads of paper work.. But now i am off from work.. ha ha don't i deserve a break after just 1.5 months of hectic work?? ;)
well yes had the pay been stupendous, i would gladly call this my dream job!! But anyways 1.5 months of vacation after 1.5 months of work is amazing isn't it..
So India here i come!! After 1.5 years.. lots of 1.5 's here uh?? whats it about the half??
As heard the other night on sex & the city, according to carrie (one of the main characters) a girl sometimes need halfves.. (ya like her better half he he..) Now don't judge me by the type of sitcoms i watch, the tv here is very boring u see..
I can't express how excited i am about my vacation.. So here i am off on my big tour.. will mostly be absent form blogsville again for 1.5 months ;) unless I get the cravings to blog.. ha ha
So till then pl…

office office..

Writing this post sitting in office.. he he. its not that finally the immigration gods have shown some mercy on But they sure have sent me an angel who was looking for an HR kinda person for his staffing company and with my goals of attaining a marketing MBA i have grasped on to the opportunity :) Not to mention i have been excited to follow an office going routine..My office is a half hours drive from home and i simply enjoy the drive twice a day.

The work load is less and i am so satisfied i found this job. But i still have to learn to master the juggle between office work and house work. And also starting next week i intend to pursue a favorite hobby of mine.. But my lips are zipped for until i finalize things!!Any guesses as to what it could be?? I hope someone gets the answer right so i am assured that i'm still remembered at blogsville ;)

over with..

Well my exams are over with.. Now i have my essay work to be doe.. Anyone interested in giving me any tips are most welcome to do so.. the topics are of course all the usual types. Why do you want an MBA?? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years n so on...
I feel like laughing out when i think of that particular question.. Wouldn't it be great if we could chart out the path of our life.. But then may be it wouldn't be so thrilling.. Its interesting when each time you knock on a door and wait to see who or what lies beyond(beneath??)

Anyways its the nitty natty's which keeps life spicy.. So let me tell you about the things i enjoy most namely songs, movies and books.. nah all 3 aren't being thrust upon you. But just one.. the latest bollywood hottie "jodhaa akbar". it is simple and exquisite. May be some people wouldn't want to put up with so much history for 3.5 hours.. But i thoroughly enjoyed every minute.. loved the song man mohanna
Aish looks so r…


Another week and lo my exam again.. But just can't help thinking of the lazy days ahead after that..
I miss all the movies and books and shopping and what not.. Its so hard to stay focused he he..
But i guess i really need to realize that i'm not a kid anymore.. However hard i pretend to be so, it may not do any good anymore.. So i think i better save it for some special times, to nurture fond memories later on than spend it unappreciated.. ;)
All those tough reading comprehension passages have equipped me to write equally incomprehensible long futile sentences i believe.. But it sure will directly contradict my next task of essay writing which i better write logically and with some clarity..
I know the above lines are too horrible to read and i am sad that my blog is slowly becoming a deserted one.. But spring will be here soon.. I will be back to sow new seeds of green n bloom :)
Hope all of you are doing well..


The flu.. The cold.. and the Toefl..

Yes, as the title suggests thats what life has been all about the last one week... time loss and health loss is all i needed at this time now.. But as i believe everything happens for a reason and everything happens for the good.. Yeah i did want a break and i'm thankful taht it was this way so i wouldn't have to be guilty of taking one ;)
The song practice is at full swing and i plan on starting an audio blog some time soon if that goes well ;) But i need to build a little more on my stage fright exclusive to solo songs and same for the GMAT exam.. My hubby has developed this sudden penchant for football now and superbowl is the name of the day!!! So all you crazy football fans have a great day!!

I wonder..

I wonder how most of the working people squeeze in time for GMAT preparation and give their exam on a weekend along with all the other normal routine work.. Here i am ..For whom GMAT seems to have turned the whole world upside down..
Kitchen is closed partially, my morning hobby of chatting to mom, sis and friends back in India has been drastically reduced.. Now its hardly once or twice a week that to only to mom.
It is if Gmat combined with the winter has put me in duress..

Its true i need to focus but its not as if life will stand still till i finish my exam.. So i have decided to take up another performance.. Its the tenth annual meet of the mallu association and as always they have the Karaoke night.. And this time I've been asked to sing with one of their prestigious singers.. Hope i sing well at least for the sake of that person and my trembling legs and trembling vocal cords don't end up in a cacophony..

I would love to get back to my old coy routine of being a couch pota…

Tricky English

"hey how are you??"
"I'm good.."

Good???What is meant by good?? Now from when did we stop saying the all famous "I'm fine, thank you"??
My bad, I'm good.. all these short cuts and "cool"English has had the better of me..
I'm glad i turned to preparing for GMAT.. It has re coursed my direction towards sms spellings and slangs to a far dignified respected form of language..
You may no more find my shortcut spellings of wat for what or cud for could ;) I'm sure not many will miss those spellings anyway..
Coming back to GMAT English, do let me know what you think of the statement below in quotes
Accused of eating up his brother 's share of cookies, a boy pleads,"Mom, i didn't do it.."

PS : sigh.. weekend is over!!


For a good writer, there is only one measure of success,
and that is found in his honoring the complexity and richness
of his subject while telling his story in a lucid way.
Joseph Epstein

Lots and lots of essays to write and i have a long long way to go.. In my GMAT too there is an analytical writing section which ncludes writing 2 essays.. And i just read that the best way to improve your writing skills is to write daily.. Ain't i a fool.. Right when the time came to improve writing skills, i had stopped writing blogs.. What better place to write than the dream galz nest..Hence here i come.. No assurance what you readers may have to put up with due to this crazy idea of mine.. BUt whatever.. ;)

Also, I miss blogging and giving vent to all those jumbled up notions within me.. i miss reading all the funny incidents and happenings that i get to read form all the many blogs i visit.. But resuming that at present will be a luxury.. Hence, i put that off for a little while more and than …


Two months of toil, Two months of pain,
I won't let all that go down the drain..
Times are tough and luck is bad
But not anymore is diyadear sad.

The GMAT bombed and the score "on the border"
But i have one more chance right at the next corner..
With everyone aiming higher and higher
700 also is my desire.

Birdie try a little harder, till your little wings are stronger..
So I'll try a little harder, till my GMAT scores are higher :)

The fighter in me is awake.. And now i have to just reach for it.. Won't be around for another month.. See ya all then.. take care..