Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tricky English

"hey how are you??"
"I'm good.."

Good???What is meant by good?? Now from when did we stop saying the all famous "I'm fine, thank you"??
My bad, I'm good.. all these short cuts and "cool"English has had the better of me..
I'm glad i turned to preparing for GMAT.. It has re coursed my direction towards sms spellings and slangs to a far dignified respected form of language..
You may no more find my shortcut spellings of wat for what or cud for could ;) I'm sure not many will miss those spellings anyway..
Coming back to GMAT English, do let me know what you think of the statement below in quotes
Accused of eating up his brother 's share of cookies, a boy pleads,"Mom, i didn't do it.."

PS : sigh.. weekend is over!!


Sam said...

Hahha.. another GMAT victim!! I myself hate shotcuts in English, the language seems to lose its essence..

Sam said...

Hey, sorry but I GMAT and I run in opposite directions but a lot of my friends are from IIT and were MBA aspirants and most of them are going to some great schools this year.. I definately can refer them to you

X'mas fun in the Garden City