Wednesday, March 12, 2008

office office..

Writing this post sitting in office.. he he. its not that finally the immigration gods have shown some mercy on But they sure have sent me an angel who was looking for an HR kinda person for his staffing company and with my goals of attaining a marketing MBA i have grasped on to the opportunity :) Not to mention i have been excited to follow an office going routine..My office is a half hours drive from home and i simply enjoy the drive twice a day.

The work load is less and i am so satisfied i found this job. But i still have to learn to master the juggle between office work and house work. And also starting next week i intend to pursue a favorite hobby of mine.. But my lips are zipped for until i finalize things!!Any guesses as to what it could be?? I hope someone gets the answer right so i am assured that i'm still remembered at blogsville ;)


J said...

fav. hobby.. umm singing, cooking??

Radha said...

well done !! :)

Devil Mood said...

How great that you got a job! That's so precious and hard to find these days.
Your hobby? Writing?

Bob-kat said...

Yeah, the balance between work and home can be tricky, throw study into the equation adn it can get nigh on impossible! I know from experience.

Good luck with the new job. It's nice to hear you found something you like :)

pink ginger said...

Hey there,

It has been a long time... Nice to see you again.

Have a nice weekend.

Little Miss Muffet said...

hello! had no idea you were giving your gmat, since i've been away from blogsville for too long...the essays are always the toughest..i remember i spent two months writing and rewriting those...good luck with your application..if you get in (of course!), i guess we will be entering the MBA world together in Aug(second time round for me) :)

kaylee said...

love that post :)

Keshi said...

hey Miss.Working Gal! Im so glad for ya HUGGGGGGGGZ and Congrattz Diya!

I was wondering wut was going on..great to hear good news. :)

Missed ya...and ofcourse I rem ya!



binoy said...

Congrates Divya!

Aswin said...

fav hobby... hmm ...must be singing ..right... :)
enjoy life at work. :D

tulipspeaks said...

congrats dearie! hope to see u more in the blogs!


diyadear said...

yup. u know me well now don't ya.. ;)
radha ,
writing is true. but music is what im more passionate abt :)
nice to see u visiting my page again :)
howdy??weekend was fabulous!!hope urs was too
miss muffet,
good luck to u too..
hey sweet kaylee,
i love you!!
keshi gal,
missed u a lot too..
binoy, thank u
yup u got it right too :)
will sure come n visit u :)

Maddy said...

is the music blog on the way? looks did the stage program go?? congrats on the job...should be an inetresting change!!

pink ginger said...

Glad to know that you love your job in the office. :)
All the Best

Standbymind said...


Wishes to yaaaa!!


Nanditha Prabhu said...

congrats on the job ...related to music?

priya said...

How have u been Diya? Long time huh..

Pointblank said...

hey hey... nice! Congrats! It shud be singing, tat RJ thingy actually! right??

Anujit said...

Just leaving a few remarks.
I also went through a change of work...kind of re-invented myself.It is working out far.

Many years back, also went thru the Immigration thing...that too worked out.

In essence, just keep the faith.
It WILL all work out in the end.

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