the witch from ga-ga land

Hello anybody home?? This seems to be a deserted island.. Whatever happened to the lunatic blogger who owned this place?? Has she fled the country?? Ha ha guess she has had enough of USA!! Well I am the black witch from ga-ga land who will now take over this place.. I like anything painted red - RED the hot hot color of hell, the sweet soothing color of blood.. And in this redness we will bask - in the glory of being sinners and suck out from each other the confessions of the wicked mind..

So now beware people.. do not come here expecting to hear simple, sweet polite stories of a 20 something silly girl.. Things from now will be very very different.. The banished kingdom has been revived. Exciting new events now await you here.. Fasten your seat belts as you get ready to experience a roller coaster ride in this saga of misfortune, spite and vengeance..

Even if u encounter the 20 something girl in between, do not let the illusion mislead you. Be known you mortals -Deep down its now me - the witch from ga-ga land.. ha ha ha ha ha!!!


Radha said…
welcome back...that was a long vacation!
ranjit nair said… gone nuts or what ? Ooof.
Devil Mood said…
Sounds promising!
Maddy said…
welcome back - now let us see some good written matter!!
diyadear said…
Thank u all for dropping by in commenting on the witches' post.. N yes may be someone has gone nuts ranjith!!!
Aswin said…
seems the devil has got hold of you. :)
eagerly awaiting ur next posts :D
akanksha said…
wt happened to you?? Fine??

Hope u remeber me,the witch wont!

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