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Hello World - we meet again

December 11 2008 is the day i publish my last post..
There is no reason why i stopped.. And no reason why today my fingers have started typing on this page again..
The last 2 years have taught me many lessons.. and i got my youngest teacher - my baby , my son - vedant.He is 1and a half years old now.

There is no scale to measure the change brought about in a human being.. But changed i surely have . For today when i happend to read my previous posts and the comments i received for them, i was kind of surprised myself.
Well that exactly was the intent of me stating to blog; with the hopes that when i read them after many years it would flood my heart with sweet old memories..
I do not know if my old readers would be here somwhere in this virtual world of friendship that we created.. But i would be very much delighted if you happen to read this and post in a quick hello to me :)
And this is "hello world" all over again for me..