Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Holi Bash

It is a tad too late to write a post on Holi i know. But this time was the best ever holi i have ever played with atleast 20 buckets of coloured water poured onto me and oodles and oodles of gulaal smeared on all of us. The only concern was my toddler shivering beside me with so much water splash and V had to take him back home .. The ladies were all soo fad in frenzy that the gents had to take the back stage managing the kids ;) With music playing from the car deck and one of my good freinds enjoying herself like mad it was a real mood booster.. I was all the more ecstatic when my sister dropped in with her friends with another load of brighter and cooler colours,just when our supplies had perished.Truely it was a day to remember..And the holi bash ended in a nice party with a couple of friends on the quite breezy balcony.. Quite a night to remember.. I am so thankful that we have so many festivities in India.. It is the best way to connect to people and invite over guests.. Otherwise the much planned getaways and kitties always end up only as plans that never materialise. So three cheers to the festival of colours!!

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Maybe you will want to add a twitter button to your site. I just marked down this article, but I had to complete it by hand. Just my advice.

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