Monday, September 17, 2007


Something had come over Marja. she felt sick, about to throw up..

"Good God am i pregnant??"Or was it the vodka's she had had at the previous night's party which was causing her all the trouble?? She had no idea.. In her quest to forget herself and just enjoy life, she had been partying n clubbing almost every night.. She had lost her job 2 weeks back following a heated argument with her boss. when she tried to go back to her previous job at walmart, she had been turned down saying they weren't hiring.. But she knew what the real reason was. he seemed to be following her like a shadow.. She felt now everyone looked at her with spite.. He had turned the whole world against her.. God her head was throbbing..

She reached out for the bottle of aspirin by her bed when it tumbled over and spill open onto the floor.It made poor Miss. kiki wake up with a start and she meowed on softly..

"Thank God for Miss Kiki, else i would be all alone in this world.." thought Marja. She fondled Miss Kiki and for a minute forgot all her pains.

She looked at the time. 8:15 AM. The winter had hit with its full might and she didnt feel like salting the snow.. Gosh , why wake up,when there is no work to go to? so thinking she went back to sleep.. she dreamt of a beautiful English party where she was dressed in a lilac silk gown.. The ball room was full of exquisite people and she danced on and on with a handsome young man.. The waltz and Strauss made her sway and the young gentleman held her firm. She felt possessed and so much in love.. and the next instant he turned and in her dream she saw his face.. he was very handsome but yet so familiar.. She strained to think. It was as if her dream had paused.. She was in a state somewhere in between her dream and reality when u know you are dreaming and so badly want to interpret it.. And to see what happens next. But it was like a badly stuck cassette. It couldn't move on.. N she open her eyes.. Oh what a dream. N now she knew who he was.. It was Him.. oh now he had conquered her dreams too!!!

***** -to-be-continued-***


Anonymous said...

good start... :)

P.S. - can i add u to my blogroll??

diyadear said...

Thanks DJ.. n sure y not???;)

Nanditha Prabhu said...

good one with a fairy tale touch....waiting for the sequel!

KAYLEE said...


KAYLEE said...

nut that sounds like that could be you hahahahahaa!

Pointblank said...

hey gallie.. Did YOU write it??? WOW! Brilliant! m waiting for the rest.. Fill in.. FAST!

J said...

Story sure is captivating... when do you intend to write the next part??

diyadear said...

thanks.. yeah a revision of girlhood fairy tale stories ;)
he he my story?? well may be the dream part ;)
point blank,
yeah will try n fll it in soon :)
j, second part will come soon. hopefully :)

wacko said...

dont tell me, you too have started writing a novel..

waise, tis a nice start nevertheles...i was so enthralled!


kaylee said...

hahaha :P

Keshi said...

great start Diya...

is that u? ;-)


diyadear said...

novel n me.. ha ha nah. i myself may sleep off filling in all those pages ;)
me he he only the dream part may be ;)

Lotus Reads said...

Diya, I am absolutely thrilled you are writing short stories, what a wonderful treat! It's late here so I am not going to start reading the story tonight, but I will read it on the weekend and add my comments, this is exciting!!!

Lotus Reads said...

A good start to the story, Diya, I love that bit about lucid dreaming, I do it all the time! :)

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