Thursday, November 22, 2018

My posts on Momspresso - The bane called work form Home

It is 3.15 PM and I'm trying to somehow finish all the tasks
 assigned to me for the day.. But then my little one started
wailing in sleep and since she is now almost 3 she is very
much aware even during a nap that mamma is at home.
Now she wouldn't lether nanny take her and put her to sleep,
 she is adamant she wants mamma.. Now an anxious me
again put her to sleep - I had just done that about 1.5 hours
before after which I had some lunchand got back to work.
After losing out on a good 20-25 minutes I sit on my laptop
 again when its time for my father -in laws tea. And since the
 DIL is at home he doesn't want it from the hands of the
maid but wants his D-I-L to have tea with him. ours is not
a traditional or strict kind of household where I have to do
 all kitchen chores and all that for in the in- laws. But then
I get a subtle hint from him "chalo beta, aaj saath mei chai
peete hai." I can very well turn him down saying I have work
 but I know he likes these small chit chats with me and ..
I give in..
By 4:15 i quickly finish tea and enter  my room and lock the
 door all set to conquer all my tasks for the day. In less than
15 minutes the door bell rings and the water purifier servicing
 guy is here.I hear the conversations outside but stay put at
my office task. The guy gets his job done of cleaning the filter
 and soon enough he realized that some part needs a replacement and this 4000K
question now knocks at my door..

Does all this sound familiar?? I have had similar experiences
not only on this one day but more or less everyday i opt to
work from home. May be I don't do it everyday and hence
people act differently on these special days including my
daughter. I hate it when she asks me,  "mamma, why do you
go to office daily??"I have to give her examples like we eat
 food daily, we sleep daily so this is also a daily routine and
then we have the sing song for Saturday Sunday holiday
which makes her very happy and we all eagerly yearn and
wait for weekend.
For women although this WFH is a career saver , i don't think
it is less than a bane.. Anyone agree with me?

Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Decision Tree

The road less taken?

Many a times i have wondered..

Agar tum hote toh aisa hota..

Agar tum na hote toh kaisa hota..

This tum can be anyone. There are so many parameters in life which makes each day, each moment the way it is and in the end our whole life shapes up the way it is.

But now i have the maturity and the guts to follow what i really feel is right - the small voice which u kept pushing away to the back of your head - when you always thought the brain needs to take a calculated decision and you kept ignoring your intuitions..

Thankfully age is just a number and in the age of startups and entrepreneurers  where we get inspiring videos and messages on every media that we lay our eyes on - i think atleast this time  we should listen to the intuition , the call from the super conscience / the power that created us and is above us all.. call it god or call me religious - but it gives me utmost pride that every successful person be it Napolian Hill in Think and grow rich to Sri M who remembers his past life - their philosophies all do ring a bell and yes now is a good time to declare - Yes my dreams will come true. I will have the good life I deserve , the petty pitance that i have been crying about is like being penny wise pound foolish..All these last 10-15 years..

And when I practise this mantra to perfection one day I will tell you the secret to embrace this with ease.. And that day will come soon :)

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