Monday, May 14, 2018

The Long Pause

yaa so the blog marathon went for a toss when I decided to visit hometown with my little cutieA.

It was not less than an adventure travelling with her alone on a train.. But the best or worst part of the journey was at the railway platform when we had to wait for an hour and a half for the train.

It poured so hard and in all the various directions that we ended up clinging on to each other our luggage, my laptop and all-  looking like refugees.
I'm not exaggerating one bit but it was raining cats and dogs and the lightening and thunder were so loud and strong that my little one was so frightened.

However, but for the scare everything was fine and we boarded the train, had dinner, and slept on the side upper berth.. I felt that would be much better than trying to exchange for lower berth with senior citizens and then in the middle of the night not even be able to get up without bumping your head.

So that's how we reached safe and sound to my home town and are now enjoying all the temple festivities and my kids are basking in the love of their grand parents, cousins and aunties.

So till I'm back in town, I am taking a pause.. I don't think the roles of a marathon would allow that.. but well.. if you feel this is not right or even if you feel its right do drop me a note so I can know your thoughts :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Ayan baby

Day 5 went without any posts. Sharing a pic collage today to show
case what I've been doing to boost our third baby ayan

Monday, May 7, 2018

Kiddie Upgrade

When the elder one and the MIL set off to home town a week before us to attend some functions, my younger one who is 2.5 yrs old was particularly delighted..
She had exclusivity to not only the parents but also to all her elder brothers toys and other booties.

When her own set of crayons which are all in bits and pieces and make sure to make a mark on our walls, were misplaced - she was overjoyed when I handed her over her brothers set - of course used and hand me downs.

But she was more than happy. And started her favorite pass time of peeling the cover off the crayons.

Me: "Miss A, please don't make tiny bits of these too else I will buy a new set for your bro and not you."

And tap came her reply -
"That's fine. you can buy it for him.. I have no problem. I will take his.."

What confidence.. And I couldn't help but laugh.. Kids these days.. are these like the AI versions?? ;)

Leaving you with a pic of my 2 darlings.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Summer Camp Special- Part 1

Kids these days have the option of so many activities for their vacation - be it sports camp, swimming, robotics, crafts , calligraphy and what not.. But is it as enjoyable as playing all day long in the open grounds, climbing trees, aiming at mangoes and jamuns, swimming in the natural water bodies like ponds and rivers, attending temple festivals, and the many wedding or any other ceremonies.. we cannot say for our generation haven't enjoyed the current summer camps and our kids wouldn't know the pleasure of our times.

We used to make snakes and mini mattresses from leaves of coconut trees, suck the nectar from form the banana flower, play for hours with touch me nots and many other such special plants n weeds.

Grandpa always used to put swings for us either in the cow shed or on one of the trees.We would also help granny makes papads and pickles.Those were really good old days.. Sadly we don't realize they are so priceless when we are young. N like old wine these memories get sweeter with time. Don't you agree?

Leaving you with some pics of my kids summer creations

Friday, May 4, 2018


I still feel really nice when I have the home to myself. I hear some people really feel sad or bored to be alone in a home but for me its  luxury I get say once in 2-3 years. With 2 monkeys and a mother in law as full time occupants of my home, me n hubby sometimes even think of checking into some hotel so we can get some peaceful sleep.. And ya may be catch up on  some other stuff as well.

Yesterday was one of those days when the 2 elder Ms are packed off to hometown and it was just the hubby and younger M that I had to manage. I had just  boiled the pasta when hubby dear planned to go out for dinner and the mood was for a place with karaoke /live music.Since I was in the mood for pasta we zeroed in on Toscano Italiano :)

The food was lip-smacking.. The sweet potato croquette was yum. My Lo didn't try it as she thought it is hot dog and kept saying i wont eat the dog .:D  There was no live music as the singer was off it seems. So we had to adjust with just candle light dinner with some recorded music. But it sure was a nice evening and a must visit for foodies kinda place:)

One blog a day

This is a 30 day challenge I have taken up - to keep posting 1 blog post a day for the next 30 days.

Its painful to see my blog lying barren and wasted  with no one to care for.. reminded me of beauty and the beast where beauty dreams that the beast is dying in his beautiful garden without anyone to care for , when she is visiting her family.

There are some things which we just need to chase down.. its easy to give up, to settle for less.. but without putting in efforts you will never really know what is your "best self "

On my death bed I don't want to be thinking .. i just wish i had tried a little harder .. to keep up my blog..I'm dying without a blog.. without even a single vlog ha ha

Humour apart, its really nice to read all the posts from the past.. i think it will be a legacy I leave behind to my kids. I hope google would still be free and would keep all this data and share it with the entire world :D

On the 30th day will be a big surprise for all my readers.. not sure if i have anyone here though.. But yes it will be a big bang surprise... So let the count down begin people..

Lots of love and hugss.. this is the real me.. I've been dying to write the last ,many years.. keeping myself under the wraps.. now im gonna make it all explode.. All the words within me will flow like a stream.. i hope not like the hot lava from a volcano though - but if its lava we will make choco lava cake ;)

Untill tomorrow.. cio..

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