Friday, May 25, 2007


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hey people...
I'm kinda bored.. have to do some soul searching.. i'm gonna be in hibernation for some time.. but promise i'll be back.. please dont forget me ok...
i dont know how long its gonna take..oh ya i really forgot to share with u a happy news. last week i got my h1 receipt. awaiitng the approval now.. thatmeans i have hopes of getting a job now :)
on that gud note, cya..
take care.. enjoy!! will miss u all..

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Music And Lyrics!!

saw this movie recently.. Don't worry.. im not here to give a review.. ;)
just loved this song a lot n it has completely had me...
a classic melody.. check out for urself.. Oh ya.. n there s another version in which the starting piece of music is played using a veena.. i just loved it a lot... Sorry i cudn't find that clip for u.. but here is the original full version.. Enjoy!!

Friday, May 18, 2007


Its not often that i watch a foreign film.. The idea of comprehending the movie through subtitles n video alone doesn't always fascinate me much.. However with regard to powerful movies recommended by friends/family, its always exception..

The seven samurai (1954) is a Japanese movie often aired in management classes and as part of team building sessions for its powerful presentation of victory achieved as a team.. That was the first foreign film i watched..

Amelie was recommended by a dear friend who will have a major role in my hair straightening, as she is the one who has gifted me with the straightening iron ;-)
This french movie is about an impish gamine Amelie who lives alone and works in a cafe. She is timid, yet cheerful with a child's heart..When she finds a box of toys hidden for 40 years behind a baseboard in her apartment, she's inspired to repatriate the items, an impulse of generosity that sparks more benevolent acts, one after the other.
The first half of the movie is thoroughly enjoyable. Amelie's vivid imagination is hilarious and her little ways of life are amusing..However the second half may seem too childish and a bit silly..
It is a light hearted movie jarringly adult in some other ways, which in my opinion needn't have been.. Anyways, enjoyable by adults, it is daringly distinct. A celebration of life, Amelie reminds us of the small wonders that abound around us … if only we paused to look. Thanks to my friend who recommended it to me :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

5 things!!!

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Mr j has tagged me to write 5 things that you don't know about me..
It is kind of a sequel to his post as the fifth thing he said reminds me of this ;)
1. I have an elephant's memory.. so people say..
But yes i do remember most of the things which generally most others don't. it thrills me to go into intricacies n recollect past stories with the utmost details, to the amusement of listeners(or so i hope ;-))
2. i have had 5 surgeries till now n the by the time i underwent the 5th one i think the nurses looked more nervous than me :-)
3.i enjoy the company of guys more than gals n since childhood i ve had more number of guy friends than gal.. hence i treasure the few gal friends i have.. n of course also the bestest boy buddies..
4. From my above statement u may tend to think that i am or was a tomboy kind but no.. i have real long hair..i tend to sit on it if i leave it open he he.. n though US has been luring me to cut it short i love it real long n straight.. hence planning on straightening it..(my next post has more to say on this) N last yr i did color it Forster brown after seeing the Garnier ad starring kareena much to my dad's horror!!
5.A surprise element i found about myself recently is thati love cooking!!! nobody in this world wud believe this(ppl who know me previously ie) for i always had this instinct to eat out rather than cook at home n eat.. but i must say now i do enjoy it..

N ha ha ha as i have told u that, lemme also add to the latest miraculous recipe discovered in my kitchen..(pl don't get pissed cos my blog is kind of becoming a recipe blog these days..)

Those of u who hate green leaves like me(i used to hate spinach as a kid.. dont enjoy it much even know) can try this out..

This time it was V who instructed me how to do it. So the credit goes to him..(Mr j, plz note this point ;-)) He is on a no-carb diet and hence we r into soups n salads..

So this is how i made the spinach soup this morning..Thanks to the pressure cooker, my job was real easy.. i cut one full bunch of spinach and one full onion into the pressure cooker. Added water so that the water remains above the other contents. Put a little salt and one big green chilly cut into 2 halves n pressure cooked it till 3-4 whistles.

Thats it.. after all the steam is gone, u can open it and serve along with 2 drops of soya sauce per serving..

I liked it lots and so did V. i think for people like me who find eating green leaves a pain, this soup is an effective alternative..N i didn't forget to click the picture for u guys this time.. he he
N it sure tasts like spinach clear soup ;-)

oops i forgot the tag part!!

here r 5 people i tag - bharath, tapak, rahul, sweta and cris

Friday, May 11, 2007


Last 4 days i was home alone.. vasanth had gone to NY and the first day i was happy to be lazying around.. second day got up on my heels n finished the unpacking i had to do.. 3 rd day i really got so bugged..I was getting so angry and had nobody to shout at.. the reason for anger was my anxiety.. i am waiting eagerly to know the results of my H1. yeah it has become more like an exam now cos they put lots to decide whose application needs to be chosen to process!!! My goodness..Isn't that weird??Staking hard on the teeny weeny, itsy bitsy luck that i may occasionally be surprised with and keeping my fingers crossed i am awaiting the deciding factor of my future still.. but no news.Anyways, the fourth day i e Thursday however passed quickly as i was on a day long preparation to receive him :)
Cooking was on full spree and so was cleaning.. ;) i baked my first cake.. made of almond..N no i did not use any cake mix ;-) (in picture) N the blunder i did was, of course i had to commit atleast one.. i put a pinch of custard into the mix thinking it is baking powder..However, the cake did come out well.. (obviously, thats wat i wud say) no jokes apart it did taste gud. he he

N though i was alone at home, i have found a companion to go for evening walks with. Mrs S is a gud company n with the 1 hr walking that we do in the evenings hope to stay fit n fine like my cousin PS :)

And here r the pics of my fireplace n the french windows i had promised u.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Gourmet kitchen!!!

Considering the huge public demand(ahem ahem) for my recipes, let me share wat happened few days back... It was only 2 days since we had arrived here at our new apartment.. n the kitchen stock was lean. My gourmet husband rang me up from office to tell that he was very hungry n wanted some snack with the tea when he came from office.. (That's not part of dinner mind you ;-))
i just didn't know wat to do.. some googling lead to mashed potatoes, n deep fried crunchy snacks (as i had restricted them to my limited supplies..) i personally don't like much oily food n try to be health conscience at least while cooking ;-) So i just dumped Google n jumped into my kitchen, all equipped with experimental ideas n grinning at the thought of my poor guinea pig..
So, heres wat i did -
Dip some slices of bread in water (i just don't know y i did it, but i did..)
after that just pinch them into small pieces.. (they wont be pieces but almost a paste)
I boiled the potatoes in the microwave for abt 4-5 mins, peeled them n then mashed them into the bread.. aah.. it was a real sticky paste.. he he
add some chopped cilantro(coriander leaves), chilly powder, salt n tomato salsa(it was my experiment ;-)) After all this the paste was so sticky that i cudn't make it into any shape.. so i thought n thought n stumbled upon some bread crumbs (canned) in the kitchen.They sure came to my rescue that day..
I shaped up my cutlets (thats how they looked in the end ;)) dipping them in the bread crumbs.. N cleverly i foresaw that the slightest thought of frying them wud be like merely inviting oil to be vacuumed in.. So i took out a girdle n just roasted them..
i just prayed it shouldn't be a disaster n my prayers were answered..
I dunno if this is some famous recipe with a distinguished name.. But till now i think i invented it tat day.. If there is some other hidden truth any of u are aware of i will be glad to hear..
N as for my husband he engorged it happily (also to my happiness he he)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nest shift

As i had mentioned in my post cyfair-college library that i wud tell u all my reasons for not being able to do a course there.. Well the reason is this!! We have moved over to Dallas.

Shifting was a real pain.. All the packing, loading, unloading... phew...I missed the blogging world though i did try n visit ur sites in between..

I must say i love my new apartment.. It has a fireplace and french windows..Also, with spring in its full bloom, i can c the beautiful garden down below from our portico..
will upload pics of my new home soon..

Although all this settling in has infused me with a bad cold, i think this change is good.. But i will surely miss Houston a lot. Our cousins there.. Little sadhana n her family, friends.. n oh ya her new born sister shrawanti.. i hadn't overcome missing India when again we had to move n now its overridden by feelings of missing Houston..
Anyways, i look forward to a new city and new people.. That's sumthing i can adapt with ease as i have been shifting every 2-3 yrs all through my life..

Vasanth's mom has gone back to India n i'm now in full charge of the kitchen.. i can't resist telling u all that the first 2 days of breakfast, lunch n dinner was a success...
Hope the heart-stomach saying keeps working on n on ;)

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