Monday, September 5, 2011

GOA again

So off we went to goa again to relive the happy days from last year..
But Sadly for us this time guess all the families/bachelors in india thought of getting happy in Goa and ended up right next to our resort by the calangute beach..
But we are clever now arent we...
We took an off on tuesday and had started only on saturday (For once i was thankful that hubby dear has to work now on saturdays too ;))

Kidddo loved the sleeper volvo and from the time we have climbed on two of those huge things, wheels on the bus rhyme has reinforced its grasp on little V.
He was heard singing this particular song even in his sleep last week.
Not only that he has also mastered more than one tune for his favourite nursery rhyme.
So relaxing vacations really do take the stress out of your mind..
Though the tantrums and unreasonable demands from my 2.5 yr old do hype me up sometimes, but on the whole i feel at peace now :)

Now that Goa magic has been consumed to its fullest ,need to seek a better vacation spot may be??
How about maldives guys?? what say?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Random Thoughts

I just came here to pen down some thoughts -

1. People of my wavelength are mostly un glamorously and dont have a very good reputataion in the society ;)

2. I try hard to believe the story that we will be one happy family if we relocate elsewhere, abroad may be.

3. US of course has the happiest memories after marriage even though we did face the most traumatising moments also there.

4.Bipolar disorder is not curable. And i like hallucinating..

5.However highly people recomment me to IBM, i still have glimpses of the gate crashing scene for interview embeded as the emblem of IBM and im not coming back tehre unless u pay me like in 8 digits may be??

6.June /July is a nice time to romance and go around.. unless of course u do not have the entire bandwagon to carry with you.

7.GOA is another place with happy memories and i need to go back there for a longer duration.

8.Its a pity most of my guy friends end up having a crush on me.. I hate losing out on good friends and it becomes awkware later on.

9.I had a day dream that one of my close friends who died few years back gave me a call from someplace.. And he keeps calling me.. Spooky isnt it..

10. Im happy i am writing this post without thinking about what to write and which relative of mine may read this.. I dont give a F&&&.

Monday, June 6, 2011

OOh La La Kerala..

Greeeen is the picture i get when i think of kerala..
And MOnsoons,its just a perfect blend of green and aqua... we need to ignore the brown mesh it creates though ;)
Rains are loved by many and the character it brings out in each city is also soo different.

In Mumbai you have the city rain and in kerala its like the jungle kind of rain.. WIth the thunderstorm and tall trees swaying in the background, its so very different..
Or may be i feel it is so special because i grew up enjoying it..
The entire sky turns pitch black and then the sound of the thunder is like the starting whistle to the voluminous down pour.. And the pelting raindrops are just so fat and delicious... I cannot just describe what it feels like.. And the smell of the sand with the first rains.. I'm sure we all just love that..

Looking forward to spend some time in kerala with the monsoons, after a long long time.. Hope to savour each moment at its virgin best..And not to miss a mention my train journey through the konkan during the monsoons :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arranged Marriage

Thanks to facebook and my 500 friends on it, i now get to see some cool videos and links.

There was a marvellous video i saw on a christian wedding where the bride seemed to be having a real fairytale like wedding... I love christian weddings and as in all fairy tales i too have dreams of walking the aisle in a silky flowy gown just the way they do in the movies.. Well dont get me wrong here. I dont intend to ditch my current hubby and hunt down someone else just to satisfy some wild fantasy of mine. But well may be someday may be we would renew our vows in say vegas or something??

Cant show you that vidoe which got me hooked to this idea as its a private one, but
I'll leave you with this video on arranged marriage before i hop off to my fairy/dreamy land to pursue my fancies

Friday, May 20, 2011

lifes not fair.. But its Good..And i Strive to keep it that way..

Publishing one of my posts (written last august) from the draft folder -
A new home, a good job, a chance to be working at home with your cuddly baby!
Well everything sure looks great..
But as the caption goes life is not fair, but its good..
Each day is a fight, an adventure towards fulfilling your goal, your dream to lead a good life..
There are people who for no reason cause trouble for you.
Who for reaons like pure jealousy or ego what to do bad to you.
You have no choice but to ignore them. And to strive forward in your pursuit for happiness.
The faith in god and the optimism keeps one going..
Its hard not to think of the past, hardest for me to stop wondering what and where it all went wrong.. but let go i have to of all the bad things that are past..
Life catches up with eevryone as they grow..
I treasure my friends from the past as they fill me with happy memories..
It was great catching up with 2 of my school friends..
With old friends you dont have to pretend, you dont have to watch before you talk.
You can be your own sweet self and become the school kids that you once were..
This festive season when there are colours and sounds of merriment all around, the innocent squeals of my little one bring a curve around my mouth..

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Holi Bash

It is a tad too late to write a post on Holi i know. But this time was the best ever holi i have ever played with atleast 20 buckets of coloured water poured onto me and oodles and oodles of gulaal smeared on all of us. The only concern was my toddler shivering beside me with so much water splash and V had to take him back home .. The ladies were all soo fad in frenzy that the gents had to take the back stage managing the kids ;) With music playing from the car deck and one of my good freinds enjoying herself like mad it was a real mood booster.. I was all the more ecstatic when my sister dropped in with her friends with another load of brighter and cooler colours,just when our supplies had perished.Truely it was a day to remember..And the holi bash ended in a nice party with a couple of friends on the quite breezy balcony.. Quite a night to remember.. I am so thankful that we have so many festivities in India.. It is the best way to connect to people and invite over guests.. Otherwise the much planned getaways and kitties always end up only as plans that never materialise. So three cheers to the festival of colours!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Is it really a thousand decibels or is it just my imagination souring.. Like a charged electron shooting up into the highest levels of activity , zigzag random threads called thoughts are always scrambling through my mind.. They say these threads too are charged with a + or a - there by being classified as positive or negative thoughts. From the Bhagavad Gita to the Robin Sharma, all preach of methods to control your negative thoughts.. Isn't that what "the secret" says too??
Its all about positivity, spreading the cheer, blah blah.. Sigh.. wish it were all as easy as it sounds..
But from all this i do agree to one thing.. Nothing is going to work out if u cry, or sulk or feel depressed. It is very logical that by doing all this you are simply wasting your own precious time. In short wasting the days of your life.
So well i guess once you know that one way is just dumb better to go the other way.. So even though its like easier said than done , that's the path which leads you to your goal, the bright one and the one you know you have to be on..
So spread positivity my dear friends..
Even though these words are not loud or shouting back at you to act, in the soft whisper of a thought , bring it on - P.O.S.I.T.I.V.I.T.Y.

i have realised the hard way - It is indeed a gift you deserve to give yourself, the much awaited holiday you yearn to take, the true path towards success.. tread on sweet positive thoughts and let the simle on your face linger on..

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

waiting for spring..

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I remember the 9 months of courtship when my status message read "waiting for spring" It was indeed winter when i first put up this status message.. but the spring which arrived in august could not help me change my tag line.. For my fiance vasant (spring) was the one i was waiting for and he arrived only in november..

Those 9 months passed by in a jiffy.. I had friends and fun and frolic to keep me counting..But this time when i say waiting for spring.. the whole month just seems to be spreading onto eternity.. With a whole house , a toddler and a mother in law to keep me going.. i sure can rightfully say the going does get tough..

So this time when spring comes back and thankfully he is landing tomorrow, i'm making him swear not to go again to our long lost US for many many months to come atleast ;) And as a mother of a two year old cute cuddly boy, the best way to get things my way is to just let my cutie pie repeat the lines for me ;) Now isnt that a smart way :)

While talking about waiting and all that i feel like putting up one of my favourite songs by green day "Wake me up when september ends"


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V day post.

The news was all around. There was indeed a pink envelope in the the head masters hand..
And her wildest dreams had true..
It did hold her name and there were boys and girls all giggling at her as she walked by.She held her head down in shame for no sin committed in her name. but still the trauma had begun. Someone had sent her a valentines day card and instead of blushing in glee she was embarrassed in shame. Her friends patted her, and pacified her. Its okay they said. We will find out who sent it.. As if it was a supari in her name. As she reached the head master - He just flung the card at her face and in his baritone voice he said " don't repeat this." and walked away.

She took the card in her hands.. There were lines in Greek or Latin. She couldn't make head or tail.She was the laughing stalk of her whole class now..Love had become a bane.She quietly went back to her class.. and crushed the note that she wanted to give to him at last..

Now the laughing stock of the class that she was, she couldn't find the courage to ask him out.


It was 4 am in the morning... And she lay awake waiting for his message.. He was very slow at typing.. But each word he said was worth a thousand smiles for her.. And thus she waited in vain.. It was blissful listening to the pouring rain.. Sleeping off in between dreaming of your man, waking up to find his message. They were mature now.. Both working and in their early twenties.. It was a call they had to take.. whether to proceed or to shy away.. And like the sms that she awaits, she waited for years for him to say, till it was of course too late..

Not only that she had a family at stake.. So did he whose thoughts were on her lines and so they did just sacrifice..


It was a smile to kill for and she toiled hard to find one good reason to get away.. Finally the smile did its trick and she was slain..bent her head as he garlanded her in front of the sacred fire and they became man and wife like all desired.

Though there was no platinum ring, or a train that closed you in(or out) to tell her that she loved the man she had wed, she knew they were made for each other. The silent kisses and the assured smiles told her she was in the safest of hands.. She blissfully slept with her head on his chest and clutched him like a teddy bear.

This is the page the story now holds, waiting to see what next unfolds..

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Once again

Its really inspiring to know that people you know are writing for newspapers and other publishing media.. Two years back i had thoughts on those lines too which well never really materialised. I was in the hurry to get back my lost career in the corporate world and then started juggling between work and a new born baby.. Now i think that life's a little more sturdy and I'm out again looking out for some fun.

The new society complex that we are part of is really a nice one and there are quite a few ladies with whom I've really hit off well with.. Though the concept of making new friends after collage/ your first job still seems a herculean task for me until your really lucky or okay that good, it doesn't really sadden me now.I think finally im mature enugh (Yes i see an important age threshold fast approaching me ) But I still do miss my old friends and gang a lot..

And taking my son in the evenings to the garden is really something i look up to towards of the end of the day.

Though this valentines day again my valentine is not around (as on most important days) i don't feel like cribbing or sulking.. There are positive vibes around.. and i so wnat to make them stay.
I have completed my collage - the pic from where i did it is attached and looking forward to framing it.
Also looking forward to writing at least once in a while on this less trodden path called " dreamgalz nest" :) I hope i get enough motivation.. Till then.. CIAO

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