Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reality Bites

After a gap of about 5 months i thought of resuming my blog.. With the big miracle of creation going on inside me and the hormones running haywire, thinking straight has been a luxury..But what the hell.. i write not for entertainment, not for acknowledgment but for myself..
So to all the people who seem to conveniently ignore my DISCLAIMER, i suggest you read it all over again before giving me a piece of your thick head.. :)

So in my post on reality bites, the first and foremost bit was when we left US for good and came back to India.. Man how can a country change so much in less than 2 years.. Its been 3 months and i still keep pondering..

With the mumbai terror attacks and all and with us living in Pune, the next closest city to Mumbai, i feel literally scared to bring a baby into this world.. What safety do i assure this teeny weeny being?? I wanted a baby so i could cuddle it and play with it and what not.. (ya ya silly i know!!) But now protecting it from what not seems to be the going to be the only list on my agenda..

Anyways happy thoughts is all is supposed to be in my mind now so i thought i would lure myself into shopping.. My neighbour who just delivered her second kid seemed to be my perfect shopping guru. She was more than enthusiastic to help me and as her list poured in my head started spinning again.. So blissfully i decided to stick on tothe age old tradition of buying stuff only after the baby is born and buy only whats the most essential now.. :) So much help for my husband ha ha..

The prenatal classes i attended every Saturday for the past 2 months and where my husband dutifully took me seem to have embedded the labour and delivery scene well into my brain.. In the end i always end up looking enviously at my hubby who seems to be getting the best out of the deal. And I totally understand moms who wish to have a baby boy.. At least spare your child all that pain..

But on second thoughts having a baby girl would be so much more fun. And i think i have made so many plans that my hubby dreads he would have to spend the rest of his life in a pink house surrounded by teddy bears and chocolates and is praying hard he gets a baby boy :D

When we turned down the option to know the sex of the baby 3 times during the ultrasound in US, i never thought waiting in anticipation would be soooo difficult. So much for the sake of heeding to my husbands wishes of keeping it a big surprise.. After all it is me who keeps pondering a hundred times a day how life will be a month form now on.. But guess im happy theres just 1 more month to go.. :)

well i think if i pen down more on the reality bites i may end up giving myself one big fat bite.. So in the end retreating back into dreamgalz dream world works best for me :)

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