Monday, June 6, 2011

OOh La La Kerala..

Greeeen is the picture i get when i think of kerala..
And MOnsoons,its just a perfect blend of green and aqua... we need to ignore the brown mesh it creates though ;)
Rains are loved by many and the character it brings out in each city is also soo different.

In Mumbai you have the city rain and in kerala its like the jungle kind of rain.. WIth the thunderstorm and tall trees swaying in the background, its so very different..
Or may be i feel it is so special because i grew up enjoying it..
The entire sky turns pitch black and then the sound of the thunder is like the starting whistle to the voluminous down pour.. And the pelting raindrops are just so fat and delicious... I cannot just describe what it feels like.. And the smell of the sand with the first rains.. I'm sure we all just love that..

Looking forward to spend some time in kerala with the monsoons, after a long long time.. Hope to savour each moment at its virgin best..And not to miss a mention my train journey through the konkan during the monsoons :)

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