Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arranged Marriage

Thanks to facebook and my 500 friends on it, i now get to see some cool videos and links.

There was a marvellous video i saw on a christian wedding where the bride seemed to be having a real fairytale like wedding... I love christian weddings and as in all fairy tales i too have dreams of walking the aisle in a silky flowy gown just the way they do in the movies.. Well dont get me wrong here. I dont intend to ditch my current hubby and hunt down someone else just to satisfy some wild fantasy of mine. But well may be someday may be we would renew our vows in say vegas or something??

Cant show you that vidoe which got me hooked to this idea as its a private one, but
I'll leave you with this video on arranged marriage before i hop off to my fairy/dreamy land to pursue my fancies

Friday, May 20, 2011

lifes not fair.. But its Good..And i Strive to keep it that way..

Publishing one of my posts (written last august) from the draft folder -
A new home, a good job, a chance to be working at home with your cuddly baby!
Well everything sure looks great..
But as the caption goes life is not fair, but its good..
Each day is a fight, an adventure towards fulfilling your goal, your dream to lead a good life..
There are people who for no reason cause trouble for you.
Who for reaons like pure jealousy or ego what to do bad to you.
You have no choice but to ignore them. And to strive forward in your pursuit for happiness.
The faith in god and the optimism keeps one going..
Its hard not to think of the past, hardest for me to stop wondering what and where it all went wrong.. but let go i have to of all the bad things that are past..
Life catches up with eevryone as they grow..
I treasure my friends from the past as they fill me with happy memories..
It was great catching up with 2 of my school friends..
With old friends you dont have to pretend, you dont have to watch before you talk.
You can be your own sweet self and become the school kids that you once were..
This festive season when there are colours and sounds of merriment all around, the innocent squeals of my little one bring a curve around my mouth..

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