Monday, July 30, 2007


hey all,
i have not been blogging as frequently as i used to these days.. But believe me, for a change im working he he ;)
Don't know if u noticed but i have put up a link for a travel site its my hubby dear's dream project and we have been working to make it work :) Do drop in and say wat u think about it.. Suggestions/frank opinions are most welcome.. Would love to hear wat u have to say..
Another thing has been on my career front.. there are a few developments happening here and there.. So fossils have started to stir at last ;) More importantly, I took up a dare and i attended an interview for a Radio Jockey at the Dallas desi(indian) FM 104.9 ;) The interview was a piece of cake n i hope the results too are sweet and tasty!! I would love it if i get this job.. its been my dream to have an artistic/creative kinda career. But it never materialised or rather i never took up the dare ;)
but now i have.. As i reach a quarter mark in life, i feel the many inhibitions i have kept so dear to me are nothing but cobwebs hindering my view.. So i have decided to emerge strong and try being brave ;) N I'm glad i attended the interview, even if i don't make it to the next level.. but i keep my fingers crossed n wish i do:)
it feels nice to be sharing all this stuff with u guys again.. Another innovative(?) thing i did is i created a local community here on my favourite pass time and the response did turn out well.. the first meet happened last weekend and we all went for bowling.. The alley was beautiful and the back drop colorful and very graphic.. Would love to have posted pics but i forgot to take my camera n the only pics i got were from a friend and are of them(n me too ;))..So no alley to show u :( However,bowling struck us hard n so me n V went again this weekend for bowling at a different place.. but this place wasn't as good as the first one. but there were many other games n we enjoyed a lot. :) so that's all about my update.. n now will visit each of u soon :) tc..

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The witch of portobello

lotus reads so many books n her book reviews are splendid.. She inspired me greatly to read new books.. I always used to pick up the books from libraries and have hardly chosen a random book from the store to read.. It was fine till now.. But recently when the parameters of time n resources are being abundantly favoured on me, i thought it was time to move a step further...

i have started frequenting Barnes and nobles bookstore near our place n have found the ambiance there really refreshing.. Few teenagers r lying down on the floor reading while some others are sitting squat legged taking down notes.. The kids have their own space n so do adults..The plush sofas are cosy and welcoming n i found there were people spending their whole day there.. It was 4 weeks back, here, that i had started reading "THE WITCH OF PORTOBELLO" However that time i cudn't finish it and luckily i got it from the library on request..

Being a Paulo Coelho fan, i had badly wanted to read that book.. The Alchemist has completely swept me over n somehow i started to believe in the lessons for soul and in spirituality.. What he says seems to make sense to me..

The same holds true about The witch of portobello too..(However The alchemist still tops as my favourite :) ) Based on the current day lives in London/Dubai n Romania, the story binds the contemporary and spiritual lives of a young woman..She is Sherine Khalil who loves to call herself as Athena, a normal young girl who has great determination to live a useful worthy life.. The beauty of the book is that it is a first person narration of the many people who closely knew the protagonist, who now is dead.. The author speaks about the female form of god and this time around love plays a central role in his plot..So does the part of a guru/teacher.

I feel he is an author of great calibre and has the power to take u to a next level..It is like picturing the story from an invisible fourth dimension plane.It sure is deep and thought provoking and not all of u may like it much.. Philosophy is illustrated with simple facts but at times the goin may get a little too tough.. However a good read for anyone who likes a little spirituality/philosophy.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

it sure is a crisis..
the temperaturs r soaring.. The coke cans are just going..
the rain clouds have vanished.. N so have the flowers that i cherished.
the pool is full of noisy kids and the library is at a stand still..

ok guys no time for poetry now.. i know my blogging is at a low.. i've been busy job hunting..
But sigh guess i need to wait till october before anything can happen..last year too i was listening to this same song.. i was on the so called "bench"(out of project) n was waiting for october when i cud go home :)

wake me up when september ends.. by Green Day!!
N as the song is good im not getting bugged :)))enjoy!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Corny Lines..

Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

you must be tired 'cause you've been running through my mind all day!

Corny lines have always had me awestruck.. Some of them are so plain outrageous that u can't fool a three year old..

But ain't it mushy mushy, sweet and romantic like some of these i can fall for any day -

"I wanna swim in ur eyes so deep.
N hold you even when ur asleep ;)
And steal ur heart forever to keep
N like a broom off ur feet will i sweep
If u were a sheep, i'd be ur bopeep
My heart for u ever surely does weep.
Its done since jumping off lovers leap.
I've to end this asking give me a peep.
Wear just a smile ,sow seeds we can reap?"

corny way to propose right??
So wat do u say? wats the corniest lines u have come across???

Friday, July 6, 2007

How Much????

value the people around you more than some superfluous thing...
smile when you can for tomorrow is unseen :)

Your Life Is Worth...


Monday, July 2, 2007

the belated tags!!!

Sometimes when you seem to have a lot of something, even if that something was something you always longed badly for, it seems soo boring... n the something i seem to have a lot these days is ofcourse time..i always felt there is so much in this world to know.. so much more to learn, so much on the internet, n wat all i cud do when i sit idle.. sigh!!!
Sadly nothing seems to be interesting me now.. as i have already told you, i am awestruck by the libraries here.. but sadly my reading is at an all time low :( n i feel so pathetic about it..
Earlier when i was a student or was working, i always read some book before goin to bed. it was part of my routine.. now the moment i take a book im fast asleep.. maybe cos the times i choose to read are afternoons.. but 2 days back one book caught my attention.. we went to Barnes &Nobles n i picked up paulo coelho's "the witch of portobello" n read the first 50 pages.. N it sure was intriguing!!! looking forward to reading it soon..
I am in a crappy mood right now.. but i thought i wud finish the 3 long waiting tags from nanditha, radha and ranjith. And akanksha too(the last 2 have tagged me on the same one!!)

The above lines were written a week back.. However i didnt complete the post nor publish it then.. But must tell u today i am happy that i put in some efforts to change the situation described in the above lines.. i completed reading a book in 1 week.. i had forgotten when was the last time i finished one at that pace.. Oof course there have been times i did it in 2 days.. but as i told u i hadnt' been ale to do so for some time.. n now im glad i cud.. :)
Also i have requested for some of the books i had always wanted to read from the library an somhow tat frees me form the "i'm a moron" feeling now.. N im back to the stage were i think i can post in with a positive feeling.. i know its best to write (type) down ur sorrows.. But somehow i hardly do it here.. May be cos i want to read only the happy instances when i read my blog as a granny he he..

So coming to the belated tags.. phew i got 3 of them to do..
The first one i believe is not so late as its a book tag and i took up my new book just ;)
N the book is 'Bedford Square' by Anne Perry.. Now this is the first time i'm reading her n i randomly chose a mystery novel ;) Hope she is good..
So the lovely Nandhita tagged me to jot down the 5th paragraph of page 123 of my current read
i hope its a small para ;)
so here goes -
(ha ha im lucky.. just 2 lines ;))

she smiled back at him, as if she had understood far more than he had said "How very wise of you.I shall do exactly the same."And she walked close to his side,keeping her arm through his.

And the chapter ends there!!(im all smiles)

so one down.. Here goes the next one..

Better Late than "The late" Tag

A tag all the way from Dubai by the beautiful Radha to tell you about my oldest childhood memories..Now as u must be knowing i love talking abt the old times (Ha do i sound ike a granny)..
So my oldest childhood memory wud be.. wel u have to listen to many cos im not sure which is the oldest..
They all have to be from the Bangalore times.. means my first 4 yrs in Bangalore.
I remember my first 'boy'friend called vicky. He was an yr older than me n also our next door neighbour. And once when there were some guests at our place n my parents were seeing them off at the gate, i ran over to vicky's house(both our homes were in the same compound n it was night) my mom n dad kept searching for me n at last found me he he i dont remember if i was smacked for running away like that ;) But im sure i wudn't have been as i was a cute talkative little gal at age 3 n wud have talked them out of it.. smart aint i ;)

N another small bad habit or lets say addiction i had at the time was my feeding bottle.. (shud i be a little embarrassed to say this :D) yes i was hooked to it n wudn't abandon it for anything.. then my dad had to create a scene of smashing the bottle in front of me n dumping it in the dustbin so that i wud wane away from my habit.. sigh poor me.. :(
ok i think i will stop on my ever flowing memories here for now else it sounds like a lullaby..

So marching on towards 'The Late'st Tag..
My buddy Ranjit n the pretty gal Akanksha have tagged me to write 8 random things about me..
but i guess i have already done a similar one not so while ago.. So Do have a look here
N as they make only 5 here i go bragging 3 more things about myself..

*I don't know swimming. N this summer i badly wish i did.. N also i'm a bit reluctant to learn from some swimming school now.. cos i am ahem ahem shy.. :(

*I have always wanted an elder brother..Though i had few rakshabandhan bro's at school, it was for plain fun n sharing sweets alone..well mostly.. it never worked out the way i always wanted.. Nor can i expect it to right.. so sigh..

* ok n as for the next random thing about me.. u tell me.. i will publish the one thats most appealing to me :)

The 'Crush'er..

At age 13 I was a lanky boy with slight traces of a moustach below my nose.I was shy and except during classes, I always wore my sports ca...