Thursday, February 21, 2008

over with..

Well my exams are over with.. Now i have my essay work to be doe.. Anyone interested in giving me any tips are most welcome to do so.. the topics are of course all the usual types. Why do you want an MBA?? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years n so on...
I feel like laughing out when i think of that particular question.. Wouldn't it be great if we could chart out the path of our life.. But then may be it wouldn't be so thrilling.. Its interesting when each time you knock on a door and wait to see who or what lies beyond(beneath??)

Anyways its the nitty natty's which keeps life spicy.. So let me tell you about the things i enjoy most namely songs, movies and books.. nah all 3 aren't being thrust upon you. But just one.. the latest bollywood hottie "jodhaa akbar". it is simple and exquisite. May be some people wouldn't want to put up with so much history for 3.5 hours.. But i thoroughly enjoyed every minute.. loved the song man mohanna
Aish looks so ravishing.. Hers a small clip from the

And also the fact that aish at age 30 is working on her autobiography intrigued me.. But after all she is Aishwarya rai bachan.. Ain't she.. i sometimes wonder how people write their autobiographies. I'm afraid there are so many things happening that i will forget it. And also most of the time even ur most pressurizing moment seems such an easy one after many days.. So guess writing autobiographies is not an easy task at all. May be before commenting i should read at least one autobiography ;)

Now i'm back into blogs ville.. Missed visiting you all a lot.. So hope you will have hot tea and snacks for me when i visit ;)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Another week and lo my exam again.. But just can't help thinking of the lazy days ahead after that..
I miss all the movies and books and shopping and what not.. Its so hard to stay focused he he..
But i guess i really need to realize that i'm not a kid anymore.. However hard i pretend to be so, it may not do any good anymore.. So i think i better save it for some special times, to nurture fond memories later on than spend it unappreciated.. ;)
All those tough reading comprehension passages have equipped me to write equally incomprehensible long futile sentences i believe.. But it sure will directly contradict my next task of essay writing which i better write logically and with some clarity..
I know the above lines are too horrible to read and i am sad that my blog is slowly becoming a deserted one.. But spring will be here soon.. I will be back to sow new seeds of green n bloom :)
Hope all of you are doing well..


Sunday, February 3, 2008

The flu.. The cold.. and the Toefl..

Yes, as the title suggests thats what life has been all about the last one week... time loss and health loss is all i needed at this time now.. But as i believe everything happens for a reason and everything happens for the good.. Yeah i did want a break and i'm thankful taht it was this way so i wouldn't have to be guilty of taking one ;)
The song practice is at full swing and i plan on starting an audio blog some time soon if that goes well ;) But i need to build a little more on my stage fright exclusive to solo songs and same for the GMAT exam.. My hubby has developed this sudden penchant for football now and superbowl is the name of the day!!! So all you crazy football fans have a great day!!

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