Monday, July 28, 2008

The daemon

It was way past midnight..At a girls hostel of our kind night is when life beings.. But the mid night pajama parties and musical nights were all now banned. Thanks to the change in management and replacement of our old, high pitched warden with a daemon. The daemon watched with her red sadist eyes and the moment she saw a smile or "look of love" on a 16 year old she made sure that it vanished in minutes.. She said she knew the look of love and it had done no one any good. Rumours about her broken affair and jokes about her blind, haunch backed lover were much narrated stories in our dorms. Entering into the girls hostel was now an unconquered quest for the boys. All the lovie-dovies and coochie-cooers suffered in silent tears..

Now all hopes where pinned on the sizzling six for a rescue from the current curfew..The sixer gang had all the sophisticated gadgets and amenities available at the time. In the times when even incoming calls were charged in India, all six of them had mobiles. They had the first camera phone in the whole town may be gifted by one of their super rich uncles or cousins. If anyone could afford to threaten the daemon it was them. with all the good luck and wishes from the other helpless girls, they started their strategy planning.

Day 1 was the attack of the pussy cats-there were dirty cats all over the place turning off trash bins, pooping in the mess and causing turmoil..
Day 2 was the attack of the bees when the wardens room was mysteriously filled with honeybees making her shriek and come out running in the middle of the night in her faded orange petticoat. ;)
Day 3 before dawn the sixer pack were busted and the first thing called off to the principals office. After formal warnings and threats about suspension/dismissal the sizzling six fuming all the more with anger started some serious plotting against the daemon.
Threats or warnings weren't new to them but the disappointment over their week long strategy being busted after day 2 was a serious blow. They needed a one time fool proof plan.

The whole of ga-ga land now talked about the tales of the daemon instead of the notorious sizzling six. Their reputation was now at stake. The other girls had started looking down upon them and the halo around their heads seemed to have vanished..

The girls now planned a bollywood style melodrama. Scandals were easy to spread in ga ga land. And for a change when it wouldn't be about teenagers they hoped the story would get more spiced up..

will they nail the daemon?? what are their stakes of winning without any scars? Stay tuned to bewitched...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the witch from ga-ga land

Hello anybody home?? This seems to be a deserted island.. Whatever happened to the lunatic blogger who owned this place?? Has she fled the country?? Ha ha guess she has had enough of USA!! Well I am the black witch from ga-ga land who will now take over this place.. I like anything painted red - RED the hot hot color of hell, the sweet soothing color of blood.. And in this redness we will bask - in the glory of being sinners and suck out from each other the confessions of the wicked mind..

So now beware people.. do not come here expecting to hear simple, sweet polite stories of a 20 something silly girl.. Things from now will be very very different.. The banished kingdom has been revived. Exciting new events now await you here.. Fasten your seat belts as you get ready to experience a roller coaster ride in this saga of misfortune, spite and vengeance..

Even if u encounter the 20 something girl in between, do not let the illusion mislead you. Be known you mortals -Deep down its now me - the witch from ga-ga land.. ha ha ha ha ha!!!

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