Saturday, December 23, 2006

diya baby's day out!! (oops night!!:D)

Last night was a memorable one.. my first day (night) of freak out in the US. n it all came as a surprise.. nothing planned. that was the best part of it..
For doin some routine household shoppin we set out to the indian stores here at a place caled hilcroft...
the very drive towards hilcroft was a pleasant one as the entire town was lighted up n bloomed 4 christmas!! n the feeling of bein in an indian street was also exciting.. the sight of garment shops with sarees n salwars on display caught my attention at first sight (didnt feel like shopping only cos i am saturated 4 the moment from my wedding shopping last month ;))
We started off from the uduppi restaurent munching samosas n bhel poori n all those indian delicacies.. next was the indian grocery shop. after filling out carts greedily with all the indian stuff we didnt get in kroger we set off.. on the way back it was my husbands idea to drop in at a cousins place.. she was more than willing to have us there 4 dinner even.. so we happily set out stopping in between(on this babys request to take snaps of teh first xmas in US!!) here n there..
N when we reached her home(Its a gorgeous house!!!) lo!!! its party time.. with 4 other mallu families joining us we had a merry time wining n dining :) Also the singing n dancing (singing is my most favourite hobby) set the party in full swing.. the kids were packed off to bed n then all the couples had a gr8 time..
It sure was a terrific time n as i say most things brings back nostalgia of the past year.This party mood reminded me of last year's new yr party i had with friends at the "sparks"pub in bangalore.. guys n gals our party rocked big time!!!
missin u all.. this new year brings back the cherished memories of those sparking days in bangalore!!!


vishak said...

ha ha.. we sure brought down the roof that night.. :) those sure were lovely memories.
This time I'm wondering whether to party in blore or chn.. have to decide soon and then pack off to that place..

diyadear said...

true.. those days were marvellous!!

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