Friday, July 6, 2007

How Much????

value the people around you more than some superfluous thing...
smile when you can for tomorrow is unseen :)

Your Life Is Worth...



Nanditha Prabhu said...

live every moment as if it is the last!live your life to the fullest!
cant measure the worth of my life!

J said...

DD, your posts are getting more and more thought provoking.. must say it's getting interesting with every post.

diyadear said...

yes enjoy each moment :)
im honoured :) thanks buddy

Devil Mood said...

lol this is so silly!

diyadear said...

ya meant for fun only. nothing official abt it ;)

MeMyself_n_I said...

that is so true. how can u put a value on something as fluid as life?

KAYLEE said...

I agree i just live every moment as its my last and live life to the max!

Keshi said...

oww its worth more than that Diya...ur so precious! never put a price on iur life :) cos ur PRICELESS.


Aswin said...

life is priceless.pls dont put a price on it

Ps said...

True--one has to value people more.
Life is truly priceless.
And tomorrow is unseen.

If your life is worth only $1,084,000 you must take insurance for a higher amount.Your survivors can make a tidy profit then.

Sorry!Lame joke!!

Maddy said...

heh heh ...i tried that too, now what did u do to get that high score?

StandbyMind said...

Great..ur lifes worth that much $$$$$?
Great man...when u seling it


Bob-kat said...

I'm sure your life is worth much more than that! Especially to you adn those you are close to!

tulipspeaks said...

our life.. priceless! :)

took the quiz for fun though & i scored only 50% of what u scored! hahahahaha..


diyadear said...

yes.. live as if there were no tomo.. life sure is priceless..
terrific.. im so happy for u :)keshi dear..
Mhhhvaa..luv u dear.
aswin, ofcourse noone can determine the value of life.. i only hope everyone in this world realises n accepts it..n lives like it is priceless..

ps, lol ;)
maddy, aint i young n pretty ;) just kidding.. god knows wats the funda.. anyways u r priceless!!! who wud give us ignorants so much knowledge???
do u wanna buuy it??? :P
he he wat do i say?? yes dear.. no price tag on life.. noones life.. :)
u r priceless.. this stuff was just for fun dear.. kids game :D

Little Miss Muffet said...

i wonder how they make the calculations!!

Cris said...

Hey Diya, you caused such a stir here, you are so precious, that was fun!

akanksha said...

Dats a truh most ppl wont understand...value the people around u..value life...its just priceless!

Moi said...

that was a huge number or may be not!!!! ;)))
as everyone's priceless. continue to have fun, girl!!! :)

Shruti said...

Hi Dear,
Life is precious and priceless..
keep enjoying its each and every moment..

TAke care

J said...

I'm no more at sillygoof :(

Keshi said...

Diya u'd love to discover my new holiday destination...have a look in my blog.


diyadear said...

i wonder too :)
glad u had fun :)

good u realise it n am sure u live life thus!! :)
same with u dear..
u have a gr8 life too.. :)
j,gr8.. u can now start a new blog soon... though will miss sillygoof ;)
hey keshi gal,
will surely come n check out soon...

The Lad said...

that is huge money!!!!
and u have a lovely blog!

Bharathwaj said...

I am jus ahead of u .. $1,304,000 ;)

Bharathwaj said...

Plus u r blog is worth 10000 $ .. add that too ..LOL...

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