Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hobby Lobby

Christmas time is gifting time!!
N this christmas we thought of giving hand made presents to all..
Having decided on wat was to be done, off we marched to "hobby lobby" a posh big shop containing all that an artist could ever dream of!!Y an artist? with one visit to the place anyone wud come up with artistic ideas!!
we set off to the paintings section, me all set to make a glass painting!!from brushes, to glass paint to jars everything piled into our shopping cart!! next was my husbands turn. He being interested in clay modelling, bought packets of colored clay n the like..
i had a feel of his talent in modelling from the cute little white elephant he had couriered me when i was in india(see pic)
Back home, the craftsmen slid out to work!! It was a nice feelin to be at work with something u love. N we had quality time making n then later packing up all the stuff we created!!:)
Do check out the glass jars i painted and post in ur comments!!
as for Hobby Lobby the place rocks!!!


Sibish said...

wow :) cool

Sibish said...

Wow... cool :)

diyadear said...

Thank you sibish :)

Ps said...

Tell your husband that i loved the elephant.He has a knack for clay modelling.

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