Thursday, December 21, 2006

scorpion queen!!

Out of the ash
I rise my red hair
and i eat men like air!
from 'lady Lazarus''

This morning i read a book on Astrology,and as always the first pages i flipped to were to the scorpios.. Mysterious and complex as they are i sometimes find it difficult to understand myself..
I used to have a roommate in chennai who vehemently hated scorpios. She said they made her life hell.. Though i believe i was not one of those scorpios she mentioned, from her i learnt that yes, domineering we are and uncanny we can be..
But somehow the sexy, sensitive, enigmatic picture of bein a scorpio always made me feel proud.
Extremists in everything.However one thing i wish about myself or rather about those fallin under the sign of scorpio is that we shudnt be so jealous.. i have felt myself turning into a grasshopper.. green with envy (he he) but latr when i think of it even that is done with passion so y not?;) wat say u???
(Thats my husbands favourite punch line!!)


ranjit nair said...

I think ,sun signs don't really matter beyond an extent ! But yes, as for roomies facing trouble , u bet she was talkin only abt u..hehe.

Anyways , a nice initiative diya, blog everything that you feel like screaming out to the world ! If not anyone else , I bet some day your kids will have a wonderful time reading all of their mama's posts right frm the day of her marriage !

diyadear said...

hi ranjith,

yes i do agree that they dont matter beyond an extent, but if u observe they do charactorise ones personality..
Thanks 4 ur support.. u were one of the first ppl whose blogs i started reading (partly cos u bugged me to do so!! :D)

priya said...

Sun signs are only 30-40 % and the rest what we get are from the family, friends and our own inner self.

diyadear said...

priya, i do agree..

X'mas fun in the Garden City