Wednesday, December 20, 2006

saat samundar paar (beyond the seven seas!!)

Thus me, an indian gal.. born in a typical hindu family abiding by all family norms n cultures landed in the United States of America on the 17th of december, 2006..
somehow the past one year will remain a very crucial year in my life.. everytime i c the calender n look at the dates i am subconsciencely drawn to the same date for the past year.. on the same date that i landed here i had spoken to my husband for the first time..
N now one yr later, we r married n im with him in the US.

The chicago airport is, in my view a gud place to get the first impression abt the country everyone dreams of coming to..(or probably most of the ppl in my social circle..) everything was just the way i used to c in the movies.. the very well maintainted airport building.. with its smart, beautiful staff members.. n the thousands n lakhs of visitors..
i found 2 things to be very interesting.. firstly the horizontal escalators.. walkin on them made u reach the other end at double speed (Obviously!!! lol) n when u stepped out of it u had to be careful.. when vasanth first told me this i didnt make it a point.. afterall we use the normal escalators all the time. wats the big deal.. but when i really did step down i understood wat he had hinted at(Ppl who r bothered to know can think n find out the answer n those who have experienced it already of course know.)

The second thing was when we had to take a domestic flight to reach houston we had to go to a different terminal.. N in order to reach there we had to take a train!!!
Now this was entirely a new experience 4 me.. a railway station inside an airport!!! wow..
n thus i also had the oppurtunity to travel in a train in the US..

well after i reached houston in order to get to our car which was parked in some far away location again we took a van.. (which comes from the private parking lot..n is different for each parking place) . N finally when we drove to jersey village the car drive made me feel like i was travelling by train.. (:O)
Any person who is familiar with all this may find it strange cos i dont think i ve used the correct terminology to descibe these very common things in the US.n the very reason y i am blogging al this is cos i am getting bored sitting at home with nothing else but a laptop n internet connection at my disposal..

so till the next one ciao!!


vishak said...

It's good to see u finally taking the plunge after speaking abt wanting to blog for the past many months. :)

diyadear said...

Thanks vishak,
ur support has definitely helped me lots.. also wishing to c u plunge in soon too :)

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