Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ice Cream Social..

Even though i have known diya for 24 years on earth, she doesn't seem to grow up much.. for she always tends to make friends with kids if given a choice between kids n the ladies of her age who like talking abt make-up n other gossips..
So now when she has changed her status from Ms to Mrs., it becomes all the more difficult, for as u can guess, people expect her to behave u know with maturity(Not that she can't..) But she chose to keep an exception in some places like her next door neighbours from chennai.. She enjoys the company of the little gal sadhana who is 6, to her mom who is a homemaker like herself.. Instead of talking about recipes, n vegetable markets, diya likes to discuss poems n story books with sadhana.. As it has always been the little gal n diya become thick friends soon..
N it becomes kind of a routine for sadhana to drop in every evening to share her school stories for the day..
N for the last few days all sadhana has to tell me is about her ice cream social scheduled for friday, the 26Th January at her school.. She said it would be great fun, n sumhow lured us into attending it..
With a curiosity to visit an American school, n get to c a few more kids, i set out with her family to the Emerson elementary school.. The school was a cute place with lawns and play area.. Not to mention the jumping jacks the kids.. with all balloons n face art n all that..
Sadhana was very excited to show us around but alas all she could show us was the cafeteria where the ice cream stalls where put up, for her classrooms n the other sections of the buildings were locked up at that hour.. The kids were all making merry, licking ice creams n punching each other with balloons..
It was nice to see fair cute kids with blue hazy eyes.. i really thought of the song chubby cheeks, dimple chins.. for the kids actually had chubby rose cheeks.. N a complexion i really envy..
From sadhana i learnt a lot about schools here.. I was surprised at how much attention the teachers n parents give to crafts. Right from kinder garden, kids are taught glass painting, clay modelling, carpentry.. Believe me I'm not joking...
Also the parents don't need to run around from school to school, to decide which ones are good for their little ones, for here, as a thumb rule, they need to go to the school nearest to the home.. Not to mention the fact that there are no Uniforms..isn't that cool..
Also the strict driving rules when ur around a school bus..School buses are designed with special stop signs at the sides which will straighten up to render the driver at the back to stop.. Oh giving a break to school stuff, i got my instruction permit last week n driving classes will begin soon, the details of which will be posted in soon!!


Tyler_Durden said...

Hi Diya,

Is Sadhana less special to you because of her complexion?

The appearance of a person is the last thing one should envy. Don't u think?

diyadear said...

Hi Tyler,
never is sadhana or anyone else less special cos of appearance.. i only described how amused i was cos it was novel to me.. As for the envy part.. he he wat can i say..
Tyler,appearances have never been a high priority to me..

Ps said...

Now I know it runs in the family!!I too prefer the company of kids over the gossip/kitty-party/recipe trading ladies anyday.I especially LOVE childrens books!I have a lot of friends,relatives, and pretending-to-be-friends[:-)] in the U.S and so know all about the education system there.(It is good, no doubt)But as soon as their daughters turn 12 or even earlier, they all want to come back to India!(yes, the ones with only sons somehow dont want to come back--Just shows how prejudiced WE are--or maybe I'm seeing it that way)

Hershey said...

why would people EXPECT us to behave it maturity...kinda increases the age factor that way... like bratty be a teenager..

teenagers are the ultimate people...they know how to party. At the same time they know how to be responsible should a tough situation present itself.

Be a teen. Its a nicer way to live.


love the red rosy cheeks... very efficient for pouting.

you giving driving lessons? not bad.

sweta prabhu said...

So u did manage tomake friends with some choti again rite, as we always do wherever we go. cool..
u really must be having fun with her. I know that. ;)

Bob-kat said...

I love ice cream - but not at this time of the year as it is cold and wet here at the moment!

Discussing poems adn stories is always more interesting thean discussing home-making.

Good luck with the driving lessons!

diyadear said...

Ps, very true ;)
harshal, Exactly wat i too think..
sweta, ya u know exactly wat i mean.. cos we ve shared soo much together..
Bob-kat, Blow the climate.. i had only 1 ice cream ;)

X'mas fun in the Garden City