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San Antonio - 2

The second day in San Antonio began, after a sumptous breakfast of toast,fruits and egg, with visits to the historic missions.
A chain of five missions were built in the 18Th century in Texas mainly to acculturate and Christianize the native population and make them Spanish citizens. Built primarily to expand Spanish New World influence northward from Mexico, the missions also served to introduce native inhabitants into Spanish society.

The picture shows Mission Concepcion. This is the only mission church in San Antonio, Texas, that has never collapsed. However, the colorful geometric designs that originally covered the exterior surface of the mission cannot be seen today. This colourful building is said to have been the most attractive one at its time as there was no other obstruction in its vicinity, nwith the patterns and its elegance the mission was a real eye-catcher. Next we visited the Mission San Jose. Here we were shown a movie on the lives of red Indians, their culture, their …

San Antonio - 1

I have been so engrossed in my driving and glass paintings that blogging had to take a secondary place this week.. But I'm back to tell u about the wonderful trip we had to San Antonio during mardi gras.

The trip towards San Antonio took us 3 hrs and 25 minutes by road and the first stop was at the Wild Life Ranch,Natural Bridge..Although it was not exactly like the wild, adventurous African safaris we see on discovery, it was a first time experience to drive thru a ranch n feed the animals from the window..
There were more than 50 animal species including ostriches,zebras, wallabies, giraffes, llamas, antelopes, jaguars and macaws.The horns of most of them gave me tremors. However after a while i felt comfortable feeding them..May be they knew that we weren't allowed to step out of our vehicles which is why they took pleasure in peeping inside..

Only some of the animals ventured to eat for most seemed either fed up of the food or too full to eat anymore..

It was a real beauty to…

I need a Title..

Friends, Bloggers, Readers,

I would very much appreciate ur help in choosing a title for my blog.. Do leave ur comments n help me choose..


Wisdom for wives

When you marry him, Love him. If he is honest, Honour him. If he is generous, Appreciate him. When he is sad, Cheer him. When he is cross, Amuse him. When he is talkative, Listen to him. When he is quarrelsome, Ignore him. If he is slothful, Spur him. If he is noble,Praise him. If he is jealous,Cure him. If he cares not for pleasures,Coax him. If he favours society, Accompany him. If he does you a favour,Thank him. When he deserves it, Kiss him. Let him think how well you understand him. But never let him know what you manage him. This is a page from the diary of my father-in-law, dated December 1971. He wrote it for my mother-in-law and I was given this, after my marriage. I did not have the fortune to meet him as he passed away three years back. But this page, i feel is a gift from him which i will treasure for ever..

Lovers Day!!

Come Feb 14th and people are running around buying flowers, chocolates, toys, gifts and wat not!!! So was i.. Last year.. Buying this n that for my fiance , and not knowing what he wud like n what he won't.. and running around for couriering it to the US.. Thanks to my dear friend vishak who helped me with all that hurdle...On receiving the parcel he told me it was like opening a akshyapathram (A vessel in Hindu Mythology in which food never gets over..) N the picture above happens to be a glass painting i made for him last year.. feels gr8 when i look at it now hanging on the wall of our home.. :) This Valentines day as i turn back to look at all the past years when i had been single, i realize how lovers are ever excited to impress their valentine!! The difference seems really striking.. I will borrow the dialogues from the famous maniratnamtamil movie "Alaipayuthe" which goes like this: "Before marriage, love is like a beautiful, tender flower.. Making the entire wor…


Wednesday was our day out at the NASA space center, Houston..
And i haven't been able to post about it cos i was busy playing home maker and hostess :) But the place had such a huge impact on me that i thought i must share it with you..
The place is hardly an hours drive from my home and the first attraction there was a tram trip of the entire NASA Johnson Space Center, which included visits to the Historic Mission Control Center, the Space Vehicle Mock up Facility and Sonny Carter Training Facility..
The picture below shows the Historic Mission Control Center which was used during the 60's to control the famous escapades like the one by Neil Armstrong to the moon and the Mercury and Gemini series..It took us a fleet of 87 steep steps to reach the control room and on the floor below that is the current control room to which of course we had no access..

It felt great to be seated on the chairs which were once occupied by ex - Presidents of the United States or famous personalities …

Need for Speed..

The Viper zoomed behind the Pontiac.The whole room shook in the heat and thrill of race.. As the kids shrieked in excitement their moms said to each other "These kids!! Don't they ever get fed up of this stupid car race??"No kids never get tired of car or bike races.. I loved Porsche, road rash and the like.. Even though me n my sis didn't have a brother, these kinda games never ceased to be part of our childhood.. Need for speed.. It was a thrilling game for me which i always looked forward to play!! But when i came here, in Houston all the pictures i saw in the game loomed up as if alive in front of me.. The wide freeways, the beautiful roads leading as if into horizon gushed back memories of the game.. But this time it didn't feel thrilling enough.. The speed and fast paced cars somehow conceived a spark of fear in me. Some fear of the unknown.. As if i was loosing something, in this fast paced life..It seemed most unlikely for someone who grew up playing thes…


Right when i had been wondering whether i had been writing a lot about myself, Harshal Tagged me.. So here i go... Blabbering more about myself ..


Fav0rite C0l0r : Blue,Black,Magenta
Fav0rite F00d : Chicken Biriyani.
Fav0rite M0nth : June
Fav0rite S0ng : Nothings gonna change my love..(And many more!!)
Fav0rite M0vie : City of Angels, Jerry McGuire
Fav0rite Sp0rt : Hide and seek(LOL)
Fav0rite Seas0n : Spring and monsoons.
Fav0rite Day 0f the week : Sunday.
Fav0rite Ice Cream Flav0r : Mango, Butter-scotch
Fav0rite Time 0f Day :Evenings

Current M00d : Sulky
Current Taste : Sweet
Current Cl0thes : Black T-shirt, Grey tracks.
Current Deskt0p : Windows XP
Current T0enail C0l0r : Magenta
Current Time :2:40 Pm
Current Surr0undings :My Living Room
Current Th0ughts : This is the stupidest tag yet.

First Best Friend : Some kid..forgot the name.
First Screen Name : screened where??? :O.
First Pet : Dad never allowed pets. :(
First Piercing : Ears.
First Album : Don't remember
First M0v…

The Weird Blog

I ALWAYS KNEW I WAS WEIRD... n this is what i found.. Try out how weird you are and do let me know!!You Are 40% Weird
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But too damn weird to do anything about it!How Weird Are You? source :