Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lovers Day!!

Come Feb 14th and people are running around buying flowers, chocolates, toys, gifts and wat not!!! So was i.. Last year.. Buying this n that for my fiance , and not knowing what he wud like n what he won't.. and running around for couriering it to the US.. Thanks to my dear friend vishak who helped me with all that hurdle...On receiving the parcel he told me it was like opening a akshya pathram (A vessel in Hindu Mythology in which food never gets over..)
N the picture above happens to be a glass painting i made for him last year.. feels gr8 when i look at it now hanging on the wall of our home.. :)
This Valentines day as i turn back to look at all the past years when i had been single, i realize how lovers are ever excited to impress their valentine!! The difference seems really striking..
I will borrow the dialogues from the famous mani ratnam tamil movie "Alaipayuthe" which goes like this:
"Before marriage, love is like a beautiful, tender flower.. Making the entire world around you seem amazing.. But when a strong wind blows the petals fall off..But in marriage love grows roots.. It gets cemented.."
Had i been on the other side of wed lock i wouldn't have liked this particular dialogue.. For i was one of them who said marriage is not necessary in life.. But now i am on this side.. lol!!
But one lesson surely it has taught me. I'm no more running around buying presents and definitely feel more secure :)
I wish each one of u also find bliss in ur love life n have a great valentines day!! Keep smiling and have a cheerful day!


Bob-kat said...

That is a lovely picture you made - no wonder you are pleased to see it ahnging on your wall.

Hope you have a happy Valentines day.

diyadear said...

thank u bob..Sure it gives plesure to create things..

Ps said...

Lovely painting.I've seen alaipayuthe too.When we translate into English, the essence of it is lost--dont you agree?
It is indeed true that marriage cements love.Now wait till you have kids!! LOL LOL LOL.

diyadear said...

yeah thats true.. More over some things need to be felt it cant be heard or read.. :){wat a justification for my poor translation ;)lol}

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