Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Need for Speed..

The Viper zoomed behind the Pontiac.The whole room shook in the heat and thrill of race.. As the kids shrieked in excitement their moms said to each other "These kids!! Don't they ever get fed up of this stupid car race??"

No kids never get tired of car or bike races.. I loved Porsche, road rash and the like.. Even though me n my sis didn't have a brother, these kinda games never ceased to be part of our childhood..

Need for speed.. It was a thrilling game for me which i always looked forward to play!! But when i came here, in Houston all the pictures i saw in the game loomed up as if alive in front of me.. The wide freeways, the beautiful roads leading as if into horizon gushed back memories of the game.. But this time it didn't feel thrilling enough.. The speed and fast paced cars somehow conceived a spark of fear in me. Some fear of the unknown.. As if i was loosing something, in this fast paced life..It seemed most unlikely for someone who grew up playing these kind of games.. N also, i do have a passion for cars being a Scorpio may be.. But suddenly I felt i was not ready for something.. Life was kind of barging in.. speeding in, breaking all limits..

The world sure is changing!! Technology is rampant in every sector!I can c and talk to my mother sitting thousands of miles away, at the cost of just connecting the Internet.. In the Field of medicine, aviation, communication, take any problem, technology has found a solution to a large extent..But has it added value to life? Are we really living an enriched life? In spite of all the facilities and comforts at times the speed seems hogging into you, creating a hollow.. As i slowed down in life with a little free time to think, i realize the impact of speed.. Nobody turns around to see whether ur following.. Opportunity never knocks twice..But my dear friend as u accelerate to attain goals, pulling on the reins of technology,don't miss out to enjoy the beauty of the blooming flowers around u, to smell the earth when the first drops of the showers touch u..N never ignore the innocent child smiling somewhere deep inside u!!


ushaaa said...

good thought diyadear.now a days u sounds meautard.even guruji says our body s hollow&empty.

Ps said...

Funnily and by a strange coincidence, my post for today was also about slowing down, instead of rushing through life.And funnily, I too LOVED Need for Speed--not as a child, but as an adult :-)I play it with my son.it is superb.And I love fast cars too (my kids are always telling me--mama,please don't drive fast like papa!!)

Bob-kat said...

Good point - we should all try to notice things around us and enjoy the moemnt more rather than rushing through everything.

Mind you, I do love speed as well though :-)

diyadear said...

ha ha yes i am matured!!
B-K, thank u.. i love speed too

X'mas fun in the Garden City