Saturday, February 24, 2007

San Antonio - 1

I have been so engrossed in my driving and glass paintings that blogging had to take a secondary place this week.. But I'm back to tell u about the wonderful trip we had to San Antonio during mardi gras.

The trip towards San Antonio took us 3 hrs and 25 minutes by road and the first stop was at the Wild Life Ranch,Natural Bridge..Although it was not exactly like the wild, adventurous African safaris we see on discovery, it was a first time experience to drive thru a ranch n feed the animals from the window..
There were more than 50 animal species including ostriches,zebras, wallabies, giraffes, llamas, antelopes, jaguars and macaws.The horns of most of them gave me tremors. However after a while i felt comfortable feeding them..May be they knew that we weren't allowed to step out of our vehicles which is why they took pleasure in peeping inside..

Only some of the animals ventured to eat for most seemed either fed up of the food or too full to eat anymore..

It was a real beauty to see them enjoy in their natural habitat. So much better than watching them behind the bars of a cage in a zoo or circus.

N the horns they possessed!! wat shapes and sizes... surely a feast to ones eyes..
Feeding the giraffe and the petting area with lots of cute sheep attracted many tourists too..

Next we went to the market square - El Mercado.Market Square is the scene of many Hispanic festivals where food and beverage booths spring up alongside the Guadalajara lamps and the strains of mariachi music blend with the excitement of Mexican dances. It was fun to watch the girls in their long flowing skirts, dancing to the beats of foot tapping music..

Next we went to the latest attraction in town The Aztech theatre. It is a palace renovated into a theatre.. every 90 mins there is an introductory laser show in the lobby. It gives u an ancient times feel and is pretty thrilling for kids..
The picture above shows a 2000 pound chandelier. N the palace is beautiful with its statues and lighting..
The night life at san antonio is gorgeous with all the many restaurants by the river walk.. will tell u more abt river walk in my next post.. till then enjoy!!!


Mr. J said...

When you said mardi gras I thought it was gonna be a trip to New Orleans.

This one's pretty cool too, bet it must've been one of those Nat Geo kinda experiences??

diyadear said...

Hey Mr.J,
New Orleans is way off. i ve only begun the Us tour with texas :).
Yes it was a nat geo kinda experience:)

Ps said...

sounds like paradise--well, my idea of paradise,rank 2..I'm refering to the Wild life ranch.Rank 1 would of course be Vegas.Are there casinos in San antonio?

diyadear said...

yeh Vegas must really be heaven. have heard of it from vasanth. In san Anonio we didnt go to any casino. Not sure if there r any..

TS said...

You had me at Fun Loving, but Scorpio takes it to ANOTHER level!

Love the first picture.

Little Miss Muffet said...

that was a nice post . SOunds like a place to visit :)

diyadear said...

Ts, Muffet,
Thank u :)

X'mas fun in the Garden City