Tuesday, May 15, 2007

5 things!!!

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Mr j has tagged me to write 5 things that you don't know about me..
It is kind of a sequel to his post as the fifth thing he said reminds me of this ;)
1. I have an elephant's memory.. so people say..
But yes i do remember most of the things which generally most others don't. it thrills me to go into intricacies n recollect past stories with the utmost details, to the amusement of listeners(or so i hope ;-))
2. i have had 5 surgeries till now n the by the time i underwent the 5th one i think the nurses looked more nervous than me :-)
3.i enjoy the company of guys more than gals n since childhood i ve had more number of guy friends than gal.. hence i treasure the few gal friends i have.. n of course also the bestest boy buddies..
4. From my above statement u may tend to think that i am or was a tomboy kind but no.. i have real long hair..i tend to sit on it if i leave it open he he.. n though US has been luring me to cut it short i love it real long n straight.. hence planning on straightening it..(my next post has more to say on this) N last yr i did color it Forster brown after seeing the Garnier ad starring kareena much to my dad's horror!!
5.A surprise element i found about myself recently is thati love cooking!!! nobody in this world wud believe this(ppl who know me previously ie) for i always had this instinct to eat out rather than cook at home n eat.. but i must say now i do enjoy it..

N ha ha ha as i have told u that, lemme also add to the latest miraculous recipe discovered in my kitchen..(pl don't get pissed cos my blog is kind of becoming a recipe blog these days..)

Those of u who hate green leaves like me(i used to hate spinach as a kid.. dont enjoy it much even know) can try this out..

This time it was V who instructed me how to do it. So the credit goes to him..(Mr j, plz note this point ;-)) He is on a no-carb diet and hence we r into soups n salads..

So this is how i made the spinach soup this morning..Thanks to the pressure cooker, my job was real easy.. i cut one full bunch of spinach and one full onion into the pressure cooker. Added water so that the water remains above the other contents. Put a little salt and one big green chilly cut into 2 halves n pressure cooked it till 3-4 whistles.

Thats it.. after all the steam is gone, u can open it and serve along with 2 drops of soya sauce per serving..

I liked it lots and so did V. i think for people like me who find eating green leaves a pain, this soup is an effective alternative..N i didn't forget to click the picture for u guys this time.. he he
N it sure tasts like spinach clear soup ;-)

oops i forgot the tag part!!

here r 5 people i tag - bharath, tapak, rahul, sweta and cris


Cris said...

Wow, I'm really impressed with your progress in the kitchen, glad you are not afraid to use a pressure cooker, they are great for cooking beans and making "dulce de leche" caramel...

diyadear said...

initially i used to be scared.. esp while putting the whistle on it.. But now im ok :)
N wats dulce de leche BTW ???

tulipspeaks said...

i enjoy reading this! I always want to have a long hair but my hair doesn't seem want to grow beyond my waistline. thats the max. hahahaha


Tapak said...

Now we can plan to visit your place since you are enjoying to cook. :)

ushaaa said...

iam surprised and very happy to know dat u r enjoing cooking.god bless u my honey.

diyadear said...

tulip.. ha ha thtas tooo much :D
most welcome.. waiting to meet u people..:)
i knew u wud be surprised ;)

Devil Mood said...

I have great memory for details too :) We have some things in common.
But I do love green leaves, I had spinach soup last week. Spinach leaves are special, they're tender and velvety.

Moi said...

5 surgeries...goodness!! what have u been upto girl???? and am glad u r enjoying the cooking bit and u make ur recipes sound so simple and fun!!! :)

Ps said...

hey--this made really good reading.Must try the spinach thing.

diyadear said...

devil mood,
its cool to have a memory for details rt? i enjoy recollecting old time stories :)
he he wat to do.. n thanks for the compliment :)
yeah do try. im sure u'll love it..

Keshi said...

Diya lovely to get to know more of the lovely u...HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

U have had 5 surgeries? WOW!


priya said...

A way to go girl;) A good memory is always awesome coz when u look back the good old days.

Passion for cooking is always good.

diyadear said...

hugzz to u too.. ur very sweet :)
yes.. indeed :)

Cris said...

You tagged me!!! Ok, I have to think hard, it might take a while, ;-)

Cris said...

Oh, dulce de leche is milk caramel, I think if you try it... you'll love it
! You can use your pressure cooker to make, grab one can condensed sweetened milk (not evaporated), do not open the can, cook it for about half an hour (or 20 minutes) in the pressure cooker, let it cool and enjoy!

diyadear said...

sure cris,
u can take ur own time.. N "dulce de leche" sounds yummy.. will try to make it :) tahnks for the simple recipe..

Anonymous said...

spinach soup...
sounds deliciously healthy... :)

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

very sweet of you to share with us your secrets... I get to know you better now.

You must be the feminine 'tomboy'. Independent, sweet, adorable, intellegent and always let the feeling flow.

diyadear said...

yes its delicious n healthy. u said it!!
yes now that u know soo many of my secrets dont leak them ok.. strictly shhhhhhhhhhhh!!! ;)

Hershey said...

Lovely house, great fireplace...why is there a potted plant next to it?

Your post, about that french movie which I have seen air on TV a billion times, I tried to watch it once...was so bored. Japanese movies...now they rock. The seven samurai yes...good...see shinobi..its awesome. The special effects..the plot...the amazing love story..ahhh enchanting.
btw, how come i don't see any comment link there?

about this post... 5 surgeries??? in this life alone??? damn.
well its natural...i enjoy the company of gals more than guys..so as it turns out..I have very few..around 3, best "guy" friends. you are a tomboy but still have your womanly qualities...
Who wouldn;t love cooking? its one of the most finest art there is.

oh so we are sharing recipes now??? well...I will see what I can do over there...normally I don;t follow recipes.. Just add whatever comes in my mind..makes great soups and sandwiches...

diyadear said...

i thought u had ditched me n stopped visiting :P
ya the flowerpot, conains my chrysanthamums :) they cant be kept in drafty areas so r captive inside :)
next, ya amelie is too soft a movie for a dragon lover like u :P
yup i will watch shinobi. thanks for the suggession :)
n 5 surgeries. yes in 24 yrs.. :(
wud love to get a recipe from u!! i bet it will be hot n hapenning!!!

Bharath said...


Colored ur hair :o ! Fotos plz ?:)

U prefer guys than gals as friends..
Is this a secret.. ? Uff.. Everybody knows it.. So there are only 4 valid ones.. Add one more :)..

Nalla samaikara pola.. Keep up the gud work..

diyadear said...

bharath vetti.. :P

Hershey said...

ah...I see...had commented here..
now why would I stop visiting...my exams are still going on...can't surf around that much...

i understand they can't be kept outside...but next to a fireplace...isn't that..risky?
could burn up.

nonsense...I like soft movies too...have seen and bought many types...I like "love actually".

recipe...had forgotten that...next post..hershey plays chef..well...the post after the one I recently posted.

diyadear said...

oh ya..
hope u r doing ur exams well..
haven't seen love actually. will c it one of these days.
n as for the fireplace, its used only in the winter :P

Lotus Reads said...

Nice meme, Diya!

I wish I had your ability to remember things...I'm afraid mine is not very good! :(

Glad you're having fun cooking, it's not my forte unfortunately, but I plod on! :)

diyadear said...

im sure its only the initial excitement abt cooking. n i will get bored in a while :D

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