Monday, May 7, 2007

Gourmet kitchen!!!

Considering the huge public demand(ahem ahem) for my recipes, let me share wat happened few days back... It was only 2 days since we had arrived here at our new apartment.. n the kitchen stock was lean. My gourmet husband rang me up from office to tell that he was very hungry n wanted some snack with the tea when he came from office.. (That's not part of dinner mind you ;-))
i just didn't know wat to do.. some googling lead to mashed potatoes, n deep fried crunchy snacks (as i had restricted them to my limited supplies..) i personally don't like much oily food n try to be health conscience at least while cooking ;-) So i just dumped Google n jumped into my kitchen, all equipped with experimental ideas n grinning at the thought of my poor guinea pig..
So, heres wat i did -
Dip some slices of bread in water (i just don't know y i did it, but i did..)
after that just pinch them into small pieces.. (they wont be pieces but almost a paste)
I boiled the potatoes in the microwave for abt 4-5 mins, peeled them n then mashed them into the bread.. aah.. it was a real sticky paste.. he he
add some chopped cilantro(coriander leaves), chilly powder, salt n tomato salsa(it was my experiment ;-)) After all this the paste was so sticky that i cudn't make it into any shape.. so i thought n thought n stumbled upon some bread crumbs (canned) in the kitchen.They sure came to my rescue that day..
I shaped up my cutlets (thats how they looked in the end ;)) dipping them in the bread crumbs.. N cleverly i foresaw that the slightest thought of frying them wud be like merely inviting oil to be vacuumed in.. So i took out a girdle n just roasted them..
i just prayed it shouldn't be a disaster n my prayers were answered..
I dunno if this is some famous recipe with a distinguished name.. But till now i think i invented it tat day.. If there is some other hidden truth any of u are aware of i will be glad to hear..
N as for my husband he engorged it happily (also to my happiness he he)


Bharath said...

Hey.. I have to try and tell if its a gud recipe.. Am sure u wud hav been drinkin oil.. if u had fried it.. ;)

Madam.. next time u post recipes.. can u post them with ingredients involved n their proportions ;) so tht we expert cooks can try them :)..

Hav to ask vasanth how it was :P

Little Miss Muffet said...

sounds like u have a knack for cooking..hey, that's what it should be abt after all..just fun, not a chore..i'm sure ur husband is going to have fun with ur experiments :)

diyadear said...

hey aharath,
ur most welcoome to ask.. n k i'll tell u the ingridients n the measure n all ok.
miss muffet,
i can smell some fun too he he

Radha said...

makes me feel hungry!!!!

priya said...

How sweet:)) Sometimes hardwork never goes wrong...

A nice recipe their girl and at the end it matters when you see a big smile when they taste it and all that matters.

Mr. J said...

I might give tht a try, although I have a ready made potato mash mix that i'm still finding it lazy to cook up.

And hey got your message. Thanks. Ummm... abt the comments, i'm not sure. But i'll be back to blogging uumm sometime soon?? :P

until then i'll sit back and read on the other blogs ;)

diyadear said...

he he.. im having breakfast rt now ;)
yes it is the million dollar smile of satisfaction that matters!!!
Mr j,
if ur too lazy to cook find a wife.. lol.. N ey u stop worrying n stay happy!!!It feels gr8 when u bounce back to the tp from rck bottom.. n i hope u enjoyed the free fall as well :D

Bob-kat said...

Well done for being so inventive! So what are you going to call your recipe?

Ps said...

LOL.That was creative culinary coordinated cuisine :-)
Want to start a joint blog where we can post recipes together? :-)
I do stuff like this too.And i have THREE guinea pigs instead of one :-)

diyadear said...

thats a very gud question.. my hsband called them patties.. i didnt think of any name.. any suggessions??? ;)
coool. that will be fun.. im all yes yes yes yes :)

Mr. J said...

Find a wife.. erm, i'd rather find a maid who can cook :P

Btw, i'm back... or so I think.

diyadear said...

Mr J,
ha ha.. ok cool welcome back..
BTW wats wrong witha wife uh? :P

Moi said...

Cooking sometimes i feel is all in genes..somehow mine got screwed up or i wasn't passed any!!! :D

Cris said...

Hey, your mom visiting my kitchen, what a surprise, please tell her I said hello! And what a cute picture :-)

Shruti said...

Hmm, many time experiment gives us better result and when some is fond of making different dishes with lot of love for someone special, its too good...
Tak ecare...

ushaaa said...

hey good start.waiting for more items.

diyadear said...

Moi, yeah cooking is there in the genes.. but when u bake ur cakes with love, it always shows even if the cake gets burnt he he..
i think shes goin to be a regular visitor to ur kitchen now..
right.. thats wat motivates me to change my kitchen into a cooking lab ;)
he he thanks..
hope to become atleast half as gud as u.. :)

Mr. J said...

What is wrong with a wife.. nothing is.. and that's the problem :P

Devil Mood said...

Not only are you inventive but you're also brave - I would probably give up in the middle of the invention, or not start anything new at all.

Keshi said...

tnxx for the recipe Diya!


tulipspeaks said...

wow! sounds yummy to me!


Maddy said...

some green chillies & GM would have added to the fun...

Protegeoflife said...

hmm good post made me hungry had dinner still u made space
god blog

Lotus Reads said...

Diya, I think you're very brave but also, as someone else said, you just have a knack for knowing what will go well together. I don't have that. I need to follow recipes...I have no clue how to invent a dish!

Well done, I really enjoyed reading how you put this snack together! :)

diyadear said...

Mr J,
nice excuse... :P
devil mood,
i had a guinea pig waiting on me. there wasnt another go;) he he..
dont swear me after u eat it he he
try tasting it.. tell me if u like it.. :)
did put chilly powder instead of green chillies. didnt think of GM though. may be next time ;)
thank u.. i hope u say that after eating it ;)
may be as moi says its in my genes.. thank god im survivng my cooking he he n hey hope u liked the recipe i gave u..

Keshi said...

lolz I'll try not to ;-)


Sharad Mathur said...

lols ;)


diyadear said...

how sweet of u ;)

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