Friday, May 11, 2007


Last 4 days i was home alone.. vasanth had gone to NY and the first day i was happy to be lazying around.. second day got up on my heels n finished the unpacking i had to do.. 3 rd day i really got so bugged..I was getting so angry and had nobody to shout at.. the reason for anger was my anxiety.. i am waiting eagerly to know the results of my H1. yeah it has become more like an exam now cos they put lots to decide whose application needs to be chosen to process!!! My goodness..Isn't that weird??Staking hard on the teeny weeny, itsy bitsy luck that i may occasionally be surprised with and keeping my fingers crossed i am awaiting the deciding factor of my future still.. but no news.Anyways, the fourth day i e Thursday however passed quickly as i was on a day long preparation to receive him :)
Cooking was on full spree and so was cleaning.. ;) i baked my first cake.. made of almond..N no i did not use any cake mix ;-) (in picture) N the blunder i did was, of course i had to commit atleast one.. i put a pinch of custard into the mix thinking it is baking powder..However, the cake did come out well.. (obviously, thats wat i wud say) no jokes apart it did taste gud. he he

N though i was alone at home, i have found a companion to go for evening walks with. Mrs S is a gud company n with the 1 hr walking that we do in the evenings hope to stay fit n fine like my cousin PS :)

And here r the pics of my fireplace n the french windows i had promised u.


Bharath said...

Seems a very elegant house.. ! Well maintained.. ! Gud job girl !

And the cake.. which site did u download the image from :p

MeMyself_n_I said...

lovely (and extremely tempting) cake, and even lovelier house. :-)

Devil Mood said...

PS is your cousin?
Oh, I didn't know that! :)
You've got a couple (at least) of lovely corners in your home and the cake sounds delicious. Almonds make great sweets, it's very traditional over here.

Cris said...

Ok, we want the recipe! I'm joking. I love the way your rooms are like, very nice! Thanks for sharing!

Radha said...

Diya, the house looks great! And the cake too! :)
Good luck with the H1, honey!

priya said...

A cake with no colors... I get it girl and donnow orry. Things will
fall in when least expected.

Bob-kat said...

Sometimes it's really nice to have the palce to yourself but I can totally empathise with that feeling of having no-one to be angry with. Good luck with your H1 results - I'm waiting for exam results so I know how you feel.

Nice fireplace btw :)

Ps said...

Lovely lovely apartment.
Good luck on your h1.Does that decide the status of your employment (sorry--quite an ingnoramus when it comes to US visas)
Cake looks really good.(i dont think custard powder made any diff)

Mr. J said...

Wow.. the house looks really neat :D Who takes the credit?? Vasant I suppose?? :P

diyadear said...

the image is not downloaded howevr the recipe is:P
thanks u :)
devil mood,
yes PS is my second cousin..n u from portugal rt??
thank u.. n heres the recipe ;),186,152177-225203,00.html
thanks. i need all the luck in the world!!
yeah hope the next cake i make will be blushing with colors;)
best of luck with ur resuls too..

yes i need that to work here.:(
n ya it did nt make much difference only that it didnt puff up cos there was no baking powder in it.

Mr J,
i thought i was ur friend. how can u give the credit to V then :P he he (emotional blackmailing;))

Mr. J said...

I just finished your summer tag and I tagged you back :P

Mr. J said...

Oh and about that group blog, you are more than welcome to join, would love to see you there.

As for managing it.. we have pretty much a huge team in place.. next plans are to take up an office space :P

Sharad Mathur said...

best of luck for yr H1...
well okay, the cake seems to be mouthwatering me.. i hav to hav one tday now! lols..
btw nice house.. :)


tulipspeaks said...

nice place!


Little Miss Muffet said...

oooh..that's a pretty apartment..and ur first very own made cake..thumbs up!

Keshi said...

U live in a beautiful house Diya!


Devil Mood said...

Yes, I'm from Portugal :)

diyadear said...

Mr J,
im already in :)
thank u.. the cake was yummy he he
miss muffet,
yeah it sure feels gr8!!! to have baked a cake he he
thank u sweetie..
devil mood,
im gonna come there one day!!

Lotus Reads said...

I love your place, Diya!!! And the cake looks marvellous, perhaps custard powder is the way to go! ;)

diyadear said...

thank u. lol at custard powder ;)

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