Wednesday, September 19, 2007



He wore a full length coat and had his cap pulled way down his forehead. He parked his Mustang a little off the main door and trying to look as casual as anyone else walked into the store with both hands in his pocket. He was received at the door by a short middle aged woman. "Welcome to Walmart" , she said to him. But he did not look up lest he be recognised.He marched ahead and went straight into the garments section n hid himself between the lines of clothes.His heart was pounding.Adjusting his thin, fake mustache, he looked right and left. He was goin to see her..Should he go and talk to her? Will she recognise him? Many random thoughts kept swarming into his head. Then he spotted Jerry. He had befriended Jerry at the local bar next door, a few days back and was counting on him to help. Jerry seemed a good lad, cheerful and kind. He waved to him n started walking towards him.

"ssup man?" asked Jerry with gum in his mouth.

"well..i was just browsing around..",he tried not to look nervous.

"sure, lemme know if you gonna need some help man.. N wat u doing hiding between gals clothes?? wanna buy something for ur girlfriend uh??"smirked Jerry..

"well kinda.."In his mind was running the most important question.. should he trust Jerry with it?Is he a big mouthed moron who may spill the beans?? He was confused..But he did look okay..

He smiled feebly at Jerry.

"Y u looking so frail today chum?? wats the matter.." Jerry seemed inquisitive now.

he didnt know what to say.. He was sure time was running out n he needed to do something tonight itself.. His dad would kill him if he found out.. In that split second he decided.. he needed help. he couldn't do it alone. He wasn't that smart.. He was a geek alright but when it came to people management he was a big zero.Mustering courage he said,

"Jerry i need your help.. I'm looking for a girl by the name of Marina...She works here in this store."

"No buddy, i know all the girls here. there ain't no one by that name."
UH? how could that be? He had travelled 700 miles to just see her.. N already he had wasted 2 days.. wat would he do now.. He didn't even have a photograph of hers to show him.. he reluctantly added, "Ummm.. She looks a little like Susie Carlbrown"

"whaat.. u mean the actress Susie!! U must be kidding man.. I'm sure there's no one that pretty out here.. Else i wudn't miss that little gal.."

He thought it wouldn't be safe to give out any more information. But by then Jerry was all the more inquisitive. "waitaa minute man, u know where she lives or was her last name?"

"No" and in a jiffy he turned to go.. He had to sneak out of there as soon as possible. But Jerry put an arm on his shoulder n asked again "tell me man, i'll help you find her.."

Being timid and helpless, he heard himself blurting out to Jerry, "Its Marina.. Marina.. Ca.. Carlbrown.."


Radha said...

im sure the part III is going to be very romantic!

s.H.a.S.h.I said...

yaa.. me waitin to see how part 3 turns out.. nice posts diya..
thanks fo the comments..

Pointblank said...

oh! oh! looks like his girl is te actual Susie Carlbrown! Ah! I shall wait n find out.

Keshi said...

wow Diya the heat is on!


Anonymous said...

anticipation kills :)
post the rest parts too

KAYLEE said...


Adorable Pancreas said...

Interesting? Do go on.

AmitL said...

Hi,Diya..that was one engrossing read.:)waiting for the next part.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

is she susie carlbrown herself?
waiting for the next!

Sam said...

Hey, complete it quick, am soooo inquisitive!! :)
Damn neat blog..blogrolling you!! ;)

diyadear said...

romance in the winter air.. that will be sure nice :)
i promise u will need to wait just a few more days :)
point balnk,
he he yup lets wait n watch :)
but it wont be hot n hapenning unless ur penning it ;)
yup will do that soon :)
im so happy u do
adorable pancreas,
thanks for visiting me..
ur wit will end soon :)
well that gives me a new idea!! :)
thaks for the blogroll. yup will finish it this coming week :)

Anonymous said...

the excitement keeps on increasing... :)

MeMyself_n_I said...

oooooooh waiting with bated breath for the next sequence of events.

akanksha said...

I know i am late. Sorry for that.
This post is just amazing!!!! I am waiting to know wt happened.Was it she???
U know wt...once i realised i was late this time...i secretly wished i would have read the nxt part along with this amke it soon!!!
U rock gal!!!

Lotus Reads said...

Now you have me hooked, Diya! I look forward to the next installment along with all your other readers!

diyadear said...

will try to put up the next part today :)
hey teen,
some of it was inspired from ur short stories :)
ha ha how sweet.. thanks for visiting anyways.. will try to put the next one up shortly..
i'm honoured now thatu r saying so :)

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