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Hiya all..
i know i havent been around much... But thats cos it has been a real hectic month.. It has marked many many historic events in my life he he n to name a few i turned 25 last wednesday :) Finally hope that puts an end to my quarter life crisis.. ;)
N the exciting part is i am off on a vacation... hurrah!! will be back with many many pics and will catch up with all of u then.. Till then have a great week ahead all...

Movies, Books and me..

Life was going on.. steady and at ease when lo i went off to meet a dear sweet aunt of mine and her hubby whom i was meeting for the first time.. Some people, i believe are met just to attain a cause. N this time I'm sure that was one of the purposes of my visit to their home.. Abundance of knowledge, encyclopedia of books, movies and again knowledge... what do i say.. but i was simply mesmerised by the depth of knowledge he possessed(my uncle). Geography, History, of India, Us or the entire world..Even the dates were known by heart to him.. And he is a doc by profession..So count in biology too..Also equally knowledgeable is my aunt..About books, economics what now.. in their midst i felt glad to admit that i am a kid and was pleased to be treated like one.. And from there i now have a whole new list to to be read books and to be watched movies.. N a few impressive ones i already saw from their collection are -
A Passage to India - A beautiful movie by David Lean adapted from E M …

A new Life

A threshold has been crossed..
The journey has reached a major cross road..
Complexities were ample, uncertainties galore...
There were moments i forgot to breath..

But now the suspense is coming to an end..
My soul is at peace..
The torrent has passed, the storm ceased..
Bliss is the state of my mind...

Now a new phase of life begins..
Once more the dreams will be painted with gleam..
A major in life's exam is passed..
N the next mature level is revealed..