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I wonder..

I wonder how most of the working people squeeze in time for GMAT preparation and give their exam on a weekend along with all the other normal routine work.. Here i am ..For whom GMAT seems to have turned the whole world upside down..
Kitchen is closed partially, my morning hobby of chatting to mom, sis and friends back in India has been drastically reduced.. Now its hardly once or twice a week that to only to mom.
It is if Gmat combined with the winter has put me in duress..

Its true i need to focus but its not as if life will stand still till i finish my exam.. So i have decided to take up another performance.. Its the tenth annual meet of the mallu association and as always they have the Karaoke night.. And this time I've been asked to sing with one of their prestigious singers.. Hope i sing well at least for the sake of that person and my trembling legs and trembling vocal cords don't end up in a cacophony..

I would love to get back to my old coy routine of being a couch pota…

Tricky English

"hey how are you??"
"I'm good.."

Good???What is meant by good?? Now from when did we stop saying the all famous "I'm fine, thank you"??
My bad, I'm good.. all these short cuts and "cool"English has had the better of me..
I'm glad i turned to preparing for GMAT.. It has re coursed my direction towards sms spellings and slangs to a far dignified respected form of language..
You may no more find my shortcut spellings of wat for what or cud for could ;) I'm sure not many will miss those spellings anyway..
Coming back to GMAT English, do let me know what you think of the statement below in quotes
Accused of eating up his brother 's share of cookies, a boy pleads,"Mom, i didn't do it.."

PS : sigh.. weekend is over!!


For a good writer, there is only one measure of success,
and that is found in his honoring the complexity and richness
of his subject while telling his story in a lucid way.
Joseph Epstein

Lots and lots of essays to write and i have a long long way to go.. In my GMAT too there is an analytical writing section which ncludes writing 2 essays.. And i just read that the best way to improve your writing skills is to write daily.. Ain't i a fool.. Right when the time came to improve writing skills, i had stopped writing blogs.. What better place to write than the dream galz nest..Hence here i come.. No assurance what you readers may have to put up with due to this crazy idea of mine.. BUt whatever.. ;)

Also, I miss blogging and giving vent to all those jumbled up notions within me.. i miss reading all the funny incidents and happenings that i get to read form all the many blogs i visit.. But resuming that at present will be a luxury.. Hence, i put that off for a little while more and than …


Two months of toil, Two months of pain,
I won't let all that go down the drain..
Times are tough and luck is bad
But not anymore is diyadear sad.

The GMAT bombed and the score "on the border"
But i have one more chance right at the next corner..
With everyone aiming higher and higher
700 also is my desire.

Birdie try a little harder, till your little wings are stronger..
So I'll try a little harder, till my GMAT scores are higher :)

The fighter in me is awake.. And now i have to just reach for it.. Won't be around for another month.. See ya all then.. take care..