Saturday, January 26, 2008


For a good writer, there is only one measure of success,
and that is found in his honoring the complexity and richness
of his subject while telling his story in a lucid way.
Joseph Epstein

Lots and lots of essays to write and i have a long long way to go.. In my GMAT too there is an analytical writing section which ncludes writing 2 essays.. And i just read that the best way to improve your writing skills is to write daily.. Ain't i a fool.. Right when the time came to improve writing skills, i had stopped writing blogs.. What better place to write than the dream galz nest..Hence here i come.. No assurance what you readers may have to put up with due to this crazy idea of mine.. BUt whatever.. ;)

Also, I miss blogging and giving vent to all those jumbled up notions within me.. i miss reading all the funny incidents and happenings that i get to read form all the many blogs i visit.. But resuming that at present will be a luxury.. Hence, i put that off for a little while more and than i'm sure it will be a treat to visit all my favourite pages again..

A little update on whats been happening here.. The immigration Gods that dreamgal was praying to have closed the doors on her.. Now im here waiting for a window to open.. Guess the key to that window could be GMAT, which by the way i took in mid jan.. Though not a major fiasco, i am not quite impressed with my score.. Hence giving it another shot this coming feb..

Poor hubby dear is having a tough time cooking and cleaning ;) And i love all the attention i'm getting.. But only hope that i prove worthy of it.. The last week was a hangover of the not so great score i produced.. Also the fact that my much awaited India trip had to be postponed to account for the second test i plan to give in 3 weeks..
See buzzling with activity my world here.. Not to mention the chilly winter, making me drowsy and slothful all the time..
Anyways hope to update my blog daily for the coming few weeks.. PLease do bear with me :)


Hershey Desai said...

well, atleast you are back... been waiting for you here.
It was such a weird feeling to see only your blog not being updated

J said...

Oh boy, lots of studying in the process I see. All the very best and hope you crack it this time.


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