Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Two months of toil, Two months of pain,
I won't let all that go down the drain..
Times are tough and luck is bad
But not anymore is diyadear sad.

The GMAT bombed and the score "on the border"
But i have one more chance right at the next corner..
With everyone aiming higher and higher
700 also is my desire.

Birdie try a little harder, till your little wings are stronger..
So I'll try a little harder, till my GMAT scores are higher :)

The fighter in me is awake.. And now i have to just reach for it.. Won't be around for another month.. See ya all then.. take care..


Radha said...

aww....dont worry...keep working hard & im sure you'll have better luck the next time!!

tulipspeaks said...

all the best dearie!!! :)



Ps said...

Go slay them girl.
You CAN do it.
Good luck and hugs.
"Stick to the fight when you are hardest hit
Its when things seem worse you must not quit."
(I know you arent quitting--but these lines just came to my mind)

J said...

as they say, as i've learnt.. onwards and upwards.

Pointblank said...

hey... ur back! and with a bang!! I know ur a fighter! ul do well! good luck!

Nanditha Prabhu said...

all the best diya! I am sure you will get through!

binoy said...

Good luck!

Aswin said...

good to see u back to blogging...2 months with out diya dear's posts... :-)... keep the fighter awake and next time give it a better shot and hope u score a home run :)

Maddy said...

dont worry yaaar - u will be ok

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