Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bluff Master

The weekend was rocking with a late night DJ party, a bhajan mandali and an excellent card game of bluff. Those of you who do not know how to play it may find it a bit difficult to relate to my experience. but its easy to follow if u read thru the link..

We started this game with about 9-10 players.. All young, enthusiastic, bubbly and on the look out to catch each others bluff.. It was a hard time for the person whose turn it was to play, for he would be coaxed by all others to "call" the bluff of the previous player.. Now let me briefly tell u how it works.. In this game each player has equal number of cards and the person who gets to play can bluff about his cards.. (the cards are kept inverted) N if caught by the next person all the cards come to him n if the bluff call was false the person who called, has to take all the cards. N the winner is the person who finishes off all his/her cards.

My husband was playing it for the first time n he had a tough time deciding whther to call bluff or not when his turn came. n fortunately or not i was the one sitting before him. So he was subject to all the teasing saying he was being partial to me ;) all of course for fun alone.. It was a terrific evening with loads of laughter and a sumptous dinner after tat. But what made me post it in here is the lesson we learnt over this game of bluff..

It was plainly visible that all the other players tried to lure you into playing by wat they say. at times it was to call bluff at other times it was not to call bluff.. but they were all united. sumhow..

N that depended on just pulling each others leg or to confuse the person whohad to play. N in the end watever the result was whether the way you played turned in your favour or not, everybody laughed and you were the sole person affected by the whole thing.. That evening i learnt one small lesson.. the world is like that.. it always tries to lure you towards it.. trying to confuse you and to bestow its wishes upon you. for watever step you take, the world is not affected by it but its your life which changes by it.. It showed us the importance of deciding for one self.. How important it is not to be the football of others opinion..

Also here is wishing all my indian/pakistani readers a happy independence day!!

60 glorious years of indian independence!!

This video made my heart swell with pride for being an indian.. N i am really sad that im not in India :(

Anyways enjoy this video and Hail India!!! :)


abhartiya said...

hey diya..nice post!
ive played bluff many a times and i truly enjoy every moment of it...i tink it depicts hw much you can deceive or read the other person's mind..and i do end up winnin the game many times..:)

Happy I day to u too diya...
the video is a nice one..tis interesting to know that all the top countries have been flashing the news of 60th independence day of INDIA on their news channel..very encouraging!


tulipspeaks said...

looks like fun. need to read the post again with cards in my hand to fully understand how the game works! hehehehe..


Nanditha Prabhu said...

great post diya!
u seem to have really enjoyed!...wonderful to read on the lessons you learnt on life!....
happy independence day to you too!I too miss being in India...but atleast the spirit of India still glows in us!

Anonymous said...

how is u? great post and I am feeling great after the surgery:)

Keshi said...

Nice video Diya!

Happy Independence Day!

The last time I played a card game with some cousins in a van in NZ, it ended in a massive argument. I'll write abt it soon :)

Like u miss living in India, I miss living in Sri Lanka too :(


Anonymous said...

happy independence day...
how r u?
hope u remember a fellow BUF... :)

Unknown said...

Wow.. that's a pretty interesting take on Bluff.

Hope all's well?

Tkae care.

diyadear said...

hey wacko.. glad to c u droppin by.. ya bluff is a cool game i enjoyed it a lot too.. n yeah it is remarkable that our I day is in all news channels :)
im so sory u cudn't understand. im so bad at teaching :(
yeah glad that the spirit of india is still glowing :)

kaylee dear, im doing gud.. gr8 to hear that u doing gud too tc..
ya our motherland sure has a spl attachment on us rt.. sigh.. some day hope we will go back :)

hii Dj,
nice to c u here. sure i remember DJ da promise.... so wat r u guys doing in CA for I day??
mr j,

ur always the first ppl to comment in. im so glad :) im doing gud how abt u??

Anonymous said...

nothing for independence day here...
am at work... and it is getting to become a headache already at 12PM...
i think i'll demonstrate freedom by running away home early and come back to the lab in the night :)

MeMyself_n_I said...

hey! nice video.
n sounds like you had a real nice time. i love bluff! :-)

a very happy independence day to you too.

diyadear said...

dj, hope u have a workfree peaceful weekend :)
ya may be we cud play bluff some time ;)

Keshi said...

hv a good tax-free shopping wknd hun!


Chriz said...

been here sometime back.. again here.. you still rock.. great post.. love to visit more often.. keep writing...

Unknown said...

Nice post!!! its such a difficuilt task to learn lessons of life from such small things..bt u've wonderfully understood and taught us too! Cheers...!

Little Miss Muffet said...

hey i like that game too :) i miss india too...it'll be 2 years this dec :(

Maddy said...

i watched that video and tears of joy or pride or patriotism or whatever welled in my eyes..it was great , did you manage to find the other parts, it shd be around??

on another note - i had no clue how bluff is played, now i think i know..

Anonymous said...

how are ya dear?

I said...

quite a revelation.. Gr8 to know that u had fun...
But its rather kinda.. surprisin.. that u r thinkin so much over a game of cards..

which is surely not a normal state of mind..

I said...

and the video... am proud.. !

diyadear said...

keshi, my shopping was gr8.. how was urs??
chronic writer,
oh ya i do rem u.. do drop in more often :)
akanksha, glad u liked it :)
oh 2 yrs.. i think its time u planned a trip back home.. :D
maddy ji,
i will search it for u :)
hey kaylee, im doing gud.. nice to c ur actively blogging :)
hey bharath,
normal or not this is how my brain works :P

Cris said...

I am a little late... but I do wish it was a happy day for all, patriotic parties always get us back to our roots.

Radha said...

i'm lousy at bluff...i always lose! :)
and wish you happy independence day too!

Bobkat said...

It is funny how we can find the most fundemetal lessons in something trivial like a card game. Life is that though as you say. It is important to try adn be Captains of our own ship, rather than let the water take us along with the flow all the time.

Happy Independance Day to you.

Preeti Shenoy said...

oh yes--i remember how much we used to ply 'Bluff' as kids! What fun it was.
Nice that u derived a meaningful message from it.

diyadear said...

cris, ya u said it.. it bonds s to our roots mking us more strong :)
thankq for the wishes :)
thank u for the wishes. hope ur presentations went well :)
yeah bluffing teaches u many lessons :)

Anonymous said...

Nice writeup !!

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