Sunday, February 3, 2008

The flu.. The cold.. and the Toefl..

Yes, as the title suggests thats what life has been all about the last one week... time loss and health loss is all i needed at this time now.. But as i believe everything happens for a reason and everything happens for the good.. Yeah i did want a break and i'm thankful taht it was this way so i wouldn't have to be guilty of taking one ;)
The song practice is at full swing and i plan on starting an audio blog some time soon if that goes well ;) But i need to build a little more on my stage fright exclusive to solo songs and same for the GMAT exam.. My hubby has developed this sudden penchant for football now and superbowl is the name of the day!!! So all you crazy football fans have a great day!!


Aswin said...

take a nice little break.. rejuvenate your self and then start again.... all the best 4 your singing... superbowl eh...which team was he supporting???...enjoy :-)

Keshi said...

get well soon hun!


tulipspeaks said...

feeling better already?


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