Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Can't believe my 100th post is coming so late.. But better late than never right? So here i go..

Been a busy month march.. with visa processing and loads of paper work.. But now i am off from work.. ha ha don't i deserve a break after just 1.5 months of hectic work?? ;)
well yes had the pay been stupendous, i would gladly call this my dream job!! But anyways 1.5 months of vacation after 1.5 months of work is amazing isn't it..
So India here i come!! After 1.5 years.. lots of 1.5 's here uh?? whats it about the half??
As heard the other night on sex & the city, according to carrie (one of the main characters) a girl sometimes need halfves.. (ya like her better half he he..) Now don't judge me by the type of sitcoms i watch, the tv here is very boring u see..
I can't express how excited i am about my vacation.. So here i am off on my big tour.. will mostly be absent form blogsville again for 1.5 months ;) unless I get the cravings to blog.. ha ha
So till then play safe u all.. And make merry!!



IDriSh LAxmIdHAR said...

hey diya...
congrets for ya 100 post...

i have a long way to complete my century...!!! ha ha...

where in INDIA you wish to spend ya vacation...??

happy vacation...
happy life...

Keshi said...

happy 100th hun!

happy holidays then! TC :)



Devil Mood said...

It is quite fantastic to have so much time off after a little work, lucky you :)

I love SATC, why should I jugde you for watching that? ;)

tulipspeaks said...

congrats hun!


Maddy said...

have a smashing time and may the rains keep you cool..

david santos said...

I love it!

Aswin said...

Kudos on reaching a century of blog posts

have a gr8 vacation .. waiting for u to come back to India.

MeMyself_n_I said...

congratulations on your 100th post. and coming to india huh? have fun!!!

Cris said...

Hey... congrats!!! So you spent MOther's Day with your beautiful mom I suppose... how sweet. xoxox

Shruti said...

why is it that everytime I come here you're out on vacation.. :P
Anyway, happy vacationing.. and yay! congratulations for the 100th post :)

Steffi said...

Congrats to your 100th post!

Happy holidays!

tulipspeaks said...

how r u doing dearie? :) feels like it has been v v long time since i last saw u around.. missing ya! :) hugs!

btwn, yours trully has been nominated for 2 blogger awards:

Best Personal Blog
Most Popular Female Blog

Give me the best ranking, okie??!! :P

thanks hun!


♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

100!!!woah... now thats one real blogger.. n ive visited ur blog for the first time on ur 100th post..
rock on!! nice blog u got here..
n chk out my blog when u can :P

Anil P said...

After four long years I'm yet to bring up my 100th :)

X'mas fun in the Garden City