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Reality Bites

After a gap of about 5 months i thought of resuming my blog.. With the big miracle of creation going on inside me and the hormones running haywire, thinking straight has been a luxury..But what the hell.. i write not for entertainment, not for acknowledgment but for myself..
So to all the people who seem to conveniently ignore my DISCLAIMER, i suggest you read it all over again before giving me a piece of your thick head.. :)

So in my post on reality bites, the first and foremost bit was when we left US for good and came back to India.. Man how can a country change so much in less than 2 years.. Its been 3 months and i still keep pondering..

With the mumbai terror attacks and all and with us living in Pune, the next closest city to Mumbai, i feel literally scared to bring a baby into this world.. What safety do i assure this teeny weeny being?? I wanted a baby so i could cuddle it and play with it and what not.. (ya ya silly i know!!) But now protecting it from what not seems to be the g…